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October 4, 2022

Song swap: the hipper alternatives to chart-topping jams

Welcome to Austin — the live music capitol — home to more hipsters than real people and chock-full of natives who know of music you won’t find on the top-40 countdown. Below is a list of song suggestions of music to listen to based on other popular songs:

If you like “99 Problems” by Jay-Z, then try listening to “99 Problems” by Hugo.

This is the type of song you’d listen to as you jump a shark tank on your motorcycle. Jay-Z’s rap version is very different from Hugo’s fusion of folk, rock and R&B. With a banjo playing the melody, this song has some twang, but it is very far from popular country music on the radio. If you’re looking for something that pushes genre boundaries, this is definitely something to check out. Maybe Beyoncé should reconsider her choice of a man here. 

“99 Problems” — Jay-Z

“99 Problems” — Hugo


If you like “GDFR” by Flo Rida, check out “Big Spender” by Theophilus London featuring A$AP Rocky.

Do you like to party? Of course you do. This song is great for going hard and throwing down — whether you’re throwing a house party or just want to dance in your room. This song starts a little soft but builds energy quickly and will have your friends asking for the name in no time. London combines an energetic beat with the nostalgic song “Big Spender” from the Broadway show “Sweet Charity.” This song sets the tone for any dance party or pregame.

“GDFR” — Flo Rida

“Big Spender” Theophilus London ft. A$AP Rocky 


If you like “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars, listen to “Down the Road” by C2C.

Yes, “Uptown Funk” is pretty funky, but Bruno Mars may need to take a step back. “Down the Road,” featuring sounds that could not be achieved with instruments alone, is more electronic than “Uptown Funk.” C2C mixes together old-school instrumentals and vocals with a driving beat into a song fit for any summertime car ride. The singer in “Down the Road” lacks the Mars’ vocals, but the remix holds its own in any upstanding playlist.

“Uptown Funk” — Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

“Down the Road” — C2C


If you can never pick what to listen to, try Girl Talk or Super Mash Bros.

So some of us are pretty indecisive. After all, making choices is hard. Girl Talk and Super Mash Bros master the mash-up. If you have ever wondered what your favorite ’60s song sounds like with your favorite rap song, now is your chance to find out. If that’s not your cup of tea, there are plenty of mixes to choose from. Bonus — both groups offer their stuff FOR FREE from their web site. Who can say no to free stuff?

“Let it Out” — Girl Talk 


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Song swap: the hipper alternatives to chart-topping jams