Four albums for days at the beach

Megan Hix

No beach trip is complete without the perfect playlist. As you make your way to beaches near or far, take these four albums with you as easy accompaniment for days spent soaking up the sun.

Jack Johnson — In Between Dreams

Hawaiian-born singer-songwriter Jack Johnson always brings sunny, mellow vibes from his days as a professional surfer to his music, and 2005’s In Between Dreams features some of his best work. Opening with the sweet “Better Together,” the album is full of acoustic melodies that would sound at home around a sunset beach bonfire. Featuring popular songs like “Banana Pancakes” and “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing,” the record shines with simplicity and Johnson’s warm vocals, making it an easy crowd-pleaser.

Sublime — Sublime

Sublime’s self-titled album may have been released following the death of lead singer Bradley Nowell in 1996, but that didn’t stop it from spawning hits such as “Santeria,” “What I Got” and “Wrong Way.” Recorded in Austin, the California band combined elements of ska, reggae and punk music to create the signature sound that made them one of the biggest alternative bands of the 1990s.

Best Coast — Crazy For You

Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno are the California-based duo behind the beach rock sounds of Best Coast. On their 2010 debut, songs such as “Boyfriend” and “Crazy For You” provide the perfect soundtrack for summer romances, while lo-fi influences on “Summer Mood” and “Our Deal” create a backdrop suitable for any lazy day in the sun.

Real Estate — Atlas

The most recent of Real Estate’s albums, 2014’s Atlas is a soft and hazy indie rock masterpiece. And while some songs may offer more in the way of summertime sadness than those on the band’s first albums, tunes such as the jangling “Talking Backwards” and breezy “Primitive” are upbeat and melodic. While the New Jersey bandmates may not hail from the beach, their music isn’t as at home anywhere else.