SURE Walk introduced new carts and vehicle services

Catherine Marfin and Michelle Zhang

The Students United for Rape Elimination, or SURE Walk, has begun implementing golf carts and vehicles to assist students on their walk home.

An agency of Student Government and Parking and Transportation Services, SURE Walk received a $20,000 donation from Paul Begala, a CNN commentator and alumnus, in order to purchase golf carts for the student-run group. An additional vehicle came directly from PTS’s inventory.

SURE Walk volunteers are located at the Student Activity Center and the Perry-Castañeda Library. Previously, volunteers would walk students to their designated location, but the introduction of golf carts will allow SURE Walk to provide their service more efficiently to the student body. SG and PTS said in an email sent to UT students that they hope the carts will provide quicker service and greater flexibility in the event of poor weather.

SG Chief of Staff Isaiah Carter oversees 21 student agencies, including SURE Walk. Carter said the main benefit of the added carts and vehicles will enable SURE Walk to serve a larger body of students.

“Our goal for SURE Walk this year has been to increase its efficiency, and we knew that adding a more efficient mode of transportation would allow us to accommodate more students,” said Carter, a government sophomore.

Social work freshman Ziya Liu called to order a SURE Walk from Jester Hall to Kinsolving Hall at midnight and said SURE Walk staffs came and drove her home in less than
five minutes.

“I think it was a very great experience.” Liu said. “After studying in PCL for a long time … I can rest a little on the vehicle.”

Economics freshman Yilan Fan also ordered a SURE Walk service from Jester at 12:30 a.m. last week, in fear of walking alone home because of the recent clown incidents. Fan also said she is more likely to use the service since there are carts provided.

“At first I didn’t expect SURE Walk [to have] vehicles,” Fan said. “I was so surprised that I don’t really have to walk back to my dorm. And a more interesting thing is that I noticed that the vehicles even have seatbelts.”

SURE Walk is available Monday through Sunday from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. To request a ride, students can call 512-232-WALK or email [email protected]