SXSW: Kesha discusses internet and personal image


For Kesha, reclaiming the internet begins with real-life action. In her discussion with Amy Emmerich at South by Southwest, the singer said her struggle to find her voice on an online platform began with embracing her own imperfections in the real-world.

“I found an immense amount of strength in my vulnerabilities,” Kesha said. “I’ve found that a lot more people can relate to that.”

Coming to terms with the fact that not everything is as effortless as it seems on social media was a big step in her journey towards self-acceptance.

“Everybody has struggles, nobody’s perfect,” Kesha said. “It doesn’t matter how it looks on Instagram.”

Kesha said to fight back against an ideal of perfection, people need to stop listening to those who post negative comments online.

By focusing more on her own self-image, she was able to present herself more confidently to the rest of the world.

“I’m reclaiming my body, my confidence, my music, my life,” Kesha said. “I can be a sexy, gross, intelligent, animal rights activist that pisses in the street. I’m can be every single one of those things.”

Kesha said the strides she’s made towards reclaiming her identity translate to changes in her musical style that more accurately reflect her own personality. In the music she’s currently working on, Kesha said she’s replaced the facade of her earlier albums with a style that’s more raw.

“I’ve let go of trying to control things,” Kesha said. “The music is just me speaking honestly about the things i’ve been through in my life.”

However, getting to the point she’s at now wasn’t easy. Kesha said anyone can begin reclaim their voice by putting kindness out into the online environment.

“I think it’s really important to make a more loving rhetoric online with each other,” Kesha said. “It’s really easy to be a bitch. Take a moment to find empathy in your heart for somebody else.”