Sound on Sound (Rescheduled) Guide

Pierson Hawkins

Last month when the second iteration of Sound on Sound Fest was canceled, fans of the camping festival were disappointed to hear that all the festivities — from jousting to dancing in the disco dungeon — would be postponed indefinitely. According to a news release from the festival promoters, a major investor pulled out, forcing organizers to cancel. Luckily, many of the bands from the fest’s stellar lineup were rescheduled to play at local venues.

Grizzly Bear

  • Friday, Nov. 10
  • ACL Live
  • 8 p.m.
  • Grizzly Bear finally returned after a five-year hiatus with Painted Ruins, a more emotionally driven, electronically tuned departure from their previous works. While retaining their signature sound of harmonizing vocals, worn out snare drums and orchestral build-ups, the multi-talented quartet remains the center of indie rock. As one of the few headliners to be featured in a rescheduled show, Grizzly Bear is a must-see act for those who were hoping to catch a glimpse of them at the fest.

Lindstrøm with Juan Maclean

Friday, Nov. 10

  • Cheer Up Charlies
  • Doors open at 8 p.m.

Lindstrøm has been producing music since 2000, slowly generating credibility in the competitive world of electronic music from his home country of Norway. By infusing repeating synth progressions and dream-like melodies, Lindstrøm has become known for pioneering the “space disco” genre adapted by other acts like Hot Chip and Cut Copy. Similarly, Juan Maclean advanced from a roadie to a signed artist on James Murphy’s celebrated DFA Records. Throughout their shows, the multi-instrumentalists move from extended atmospheric jams to remixes from the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Roxy Music. This double bill of DJ sets should set the perfect tone for the cool autumn weekend ahead.

The Frights with Hockey Dad

Saturday, Nov. 11

  • Cheer Up Charlies
  • Doors open at 7 p.m.

With their combination of surf and punk, The Frights throw back to those angsty high school years. This group looks like an unassuming bande à part, but hidden behind their prep school visage is a delightfully rowdy energy. If you don’t come for the music — a catchy duo of guitar and bass matched by fuzzed out vocals — come for the environment. Join in on the mosh pit or partake in a stage dive, you may find a new way to let off steam from a week of midterms. Hockey Dad plays the good cop over the course of the night with an emphasis on pop and rock elements. Don’t mistake this doubleheader’s young age for a lack of experience.

Ariel Pink with Mile High Club

Sunday, Nov. 12

  • Cheer Up Charlies
  • Doors open at 6 p.m.

Time to get weird. Ranging from airy cyber-punk drones like “Nostradamus & Me” to classic pop covers with “Baby,” Ariel Pink transforms the night into a retro adventure. The lo-fi rockers morph from Elvis Costello to Sgt. Pepper’s Beatles with their chameleon-like act. Listening to them is like stumbling from an ‘80s videocassette recording to the summer of love. Mile High Club complements the main act with a more laid-back approach. Utilizing twangy guitar chords and wobbly synths, the band evokes contemporaries like Homeshake and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. This show promises to be a perfect farewell to the music-packed weekend.