SG Candidates will raise transcript fees, add bar on campus

Katie Balevic

Of all the campaign promises Student Government candidates have made in the last two weeks, only one president and vice president team has promised to raise transcript prices.

Candidates Aakash Saraiya and Daniel Noble Hernandez are running a light-hearted campaign for president and vice president, respectively, with the hope of providing short term solutions for students.

“We’d like to raise transcript prices to the point where graduate schools can no longer ethically request them,” biology junior Saraiya said.

Noble Hernandez said the change will work out for students in the end.

“We’ve got a novel approach,” said Noble Hernandez, a biomedical engineering junior. “We’re going to create such a drama that President Fenves is going to take it right back to zero (dollars).”

The alliance also hopes to add a pub on campus to foster a sense of community, Noble Hernandez said.

“Most people don’t take it seriously, but it’s actually a serious point,” Noble Hernandez said. “It’s not a place you go to get drunk. It’s just a place you go to with friends, for food or just to chat, maybe grab a cider.”

Saraiya said the idea is plausible because the University already has a location on campus that serves alcohol — Cactus Café, located at the Union.

“It would be a more controlled (alcohol) situation for the University (and) a more casual place to experience drinking,” Saraiya said. “It would be a good place to have meetings as well.”

The team has other unique ideas for solving campus problems, such as installing a moving walkway along Speedway.

Saraiya said they also want to address the University’s history of oppression by renaming campus buildings.

“We would like to rename (Robert Lee Moore Hall) … to a different famous mathematician who’s gone to UT who’s not as racist,” Saraiya said.

Overall, the team is trying to reach those who do not usually care about SG, Noble Hernandez said.

“The point of our campaigning is to highlight that SG takes itself too seriously,” Noble Hernandez said. “You’re not in the U.S. Congress. It’s just at the University, and it’s just for a year.”

Note: The Dow-Walker campaign canceled its interview with the Daily Texan and was unavailable to reschedule after several attempts. The Daily Texan will not be publishing a profile on this executive alliance.