Colton, Mehraz sworn in, 112th SG assembly begins

Katie Balevic

Student Government president Colton Becker and vice president Mehraz Rahman were sworn in Tuesday, initiating the 112th Student Government Assembly.

All members of the assembly took the oath of office, and representatives voted eight of their peers into standing committee positions.

“Now it’s time to make good on our promises to the student body,” nutrition senior Becker said. “Students are paying more attention than they ever have before.”

Becker encouraged representatives to remain diligent as they author initiatives throughout the year.

“I want to make clear that our potential hinges upon your engagement with Student Government this year,” Becker said. “Don’t start thinking that your effort, energy and enthusiasm doesn’t matter.”

Rahman thanked representatives for dedicating the upcoming year to the student body.

“Thank you all for choosing to be here, choosing to run, choosing to passionately represent your peers and choosing to take on the burden and honor of leadership,” said Rahman, a marketing and Plan II junior.

As representatives were elected to committee positions, former speaker Madison Huerta advised the assembly to start working on their initiatives immediately.  

“If I could tell you anything, it would be to start, right now, after this meeting,” management senior Huerta said. “You’re probably never going to be more excited to be in this position than tonight, when you get sworn in.”

Benjamin Solder was elected speaker of the assembly.

Natalie Engel was elected student affairs committee chair.

Connor Vanden Hoek was elected rules and regulations committee chair.

Vinit Shah was elected academic affairs committee chair.

Kristen Pena was elected financial affairs committee chair.

Jakob Lucas was elected governmental affairs committee chair.

Usmaan Hasan was elected ethics and oversight committee chair.

The election of the legislative policy council chair was tabled until the next assembly meeting, because SG is considering dissolving the council and replacing it with two co-chairs.