SafeHorns launches #Report4Harrison campaign

Anusha Lalani

During the memorial in honor of Harrison Brown on Tuesday, Harrison’s mother Lori Brown wore a hat reading #Report4Harrison, a hashtag part of a larger campaign launched by SafeHorns the same day.

SafeHorns is a coalition of parents and community members promoting increased security on campus for the safety of UT students, staff and faculty. The #Report4Harrison campaign advises students to report anything on or around campus that might be harmful.

The campaign was launched after SafeHorns posted a statement from Lori Brown on its Facebook page in which she encouraged students to get behind the campaign. Brown said after the stabbing occurred, Harrison had to ask someone to call 911. 

“Harrison was the one who went over to another student and said, ‘Call 911, I‘ve been stabbed,’” Brown said. “It’s just really hard to swallow that it hadn’t already happened and somebody had not dialed 911. Maybe if they had, I don’t know if it could have saved Harrison’s life, but possibly, maybe, it would have prevented the other three people from being stabbed.”

Joell McNew, vice president of SafeHorns, said the campaign encourages members of the UT community to look out for each other and to be aware of the resources offered to them on campus. 

“The campaign is basically just the message that anyone could be Harrison,” McNew said. “Once you’re on campus, it’s so important just being a part of community that you recognize, respond and report.”

McNew said #Report4Harrison will primarily be a social media campaign. McNew said the organization’s goal is to create a public service announcement with students over the summer to push the campaign’s message which must serve as a call to action for the UT community. 

“When we say we have to watch out for each other, it’s a call to action and not just a statement,” McNew said. 

David Carter, assistant vice president for campus security and chief of police, and Jimmy Johnson, assistant vice president of campus safety, released a statement Monday that said UT emphasizes calling 911 anytime someone feels unsafe as part of its Be Safe campaign. 

“Certainly, we want people to be cognizant of their surroundings,” Johnson said during a press conference on Monday. “‘See something, say something, dial 911’ is part of the (Be Safe) campaign platform that really encourages our community to look out for information that could be vital to helping us keep our campus safe.”