UT Law School alumni provide free Starbucks to law students

Neelam Bohra

As of yesterday, law students have access to free coffee every Monday morning thanks to UT alumni.

Since 2015, the Texas Law Alumni and Relations Development Association has provided free coffee for students as one facet of their student support initiatives. Laura Yancey, assistant director of student and young alumni engagement, runs the morning coffee program.

“We set up a coffee order, and we send it down near the classrooms in an effort to caffeinate the students on Monday mornings,” Yancey said. “We want to provide a little something to let them know the Alumni Association is here for students all the way through their transition into alumni.”

University Housing and Dining provides the Starbucks coffee, which they serve from 8:45 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. outside the 1L, or first-year, law classrooms in Townes Hall.

“It’s Monday morning,” UHD senior supervisor Joshua Meason said. “Students need a pick-me-up to get going, something that complements their day. They know they’re going to get it, so it’s something they can anticipate to get their day started.”

Students learned about the coffee at orientation, where they received a free travel mug with the Texas Law logo. The program requires students bring their own mugs in an effort to “go green.” 

“It was one less thing I had to do myself this morning, so it made it easier to get out of bed on a Monday,” law student Elizabeth Hamilton said. “Any day with free coffee is a good day.”

The majority of 1L law students have class from 9:10 a.m. to 10:17 a.m. on Mondays, and law student Divya Ahuja said the caffeine motivates her through lecture.

“It’s extremely thoughtful of the Alumni Association,” Ahuja said. “We all spend so much time studying over the weekend, and I’m up super late on Sundays. It’s so helpful that the alumni are doing something to address that.”

Along with providing coffee, the Alumni Association also mentors current students, uses contributions to uplift the program and helps students make connections as they look for jobs. They said they often give students freebies as reminders of their availability and support.

“We work with the students in a number of ways,” Yancey said. “And we love providing coffee for the students. Everyone needs a little something to keep them going, and that’s just something we’re happy to create.”