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October 4, 2022

Thriller ‘Long Lost’ sends viewers down dizzying hole of seduction, suspense

long lost review Courtesy of Mainframe Pictures
Courtesy of Mainframe Pictures

Maybe being an only child isn’t so bad. 

“Long Lost,” released on March 29, is an erotic thriller from director, writer and editor Erik Bloomquist. This is Bloomquist’s feature-length directorial debut, following several successful short films. The film follows Seth (Adam Weppler, “The Cobblestone Corridor”) who is mysteriously invited to an expensive Connecticut mansion by his supposedly long-lost brother Richard (Nicholas Tucci, “You’re Next”). Richard and his loving girlfriend Abby (Catherine Corcoran, “Terrifier”) go the extra mile to ensure Seth feels like he’s right at home, even if it means bribing him to stay. 

The plot of the film is really easy to invest into. The story begins with Seth arriving at his brother’s mansion, and the strange interactions occur right away. The events in the film border a line between uncomfortably weird and frighteningly dangerous. The mystery revolving around Seth’s new sibling is certainly enticing, with strange scenes including an intense game of sharks and minnows and a suggestive post-shower scene. 

Unfortunately, the final revelation, while unexpected, doesn’t quite pack the punch the story seems to deserve. It offers some compelling insight on an overall theme within the film, but feels a bit like the cast and crew bit off more than they could chew. 

The cast does an exceptional job at bringing the story and its characters to life. Weppler portrays Seth with just the right amount of quirkiness and insecurity. He often serves as a vessel for the audience, reacting to the strange occurrences in appropriate fashion. Everything from his body language to facial expressions convey a sense of vulnerability. 

Tucci is extremely menacing in the role of Richard. His cold line delivery and unnerving facial expressions help sell his character’s strange personality. He delivers extremely obnoxious and quite absurd dialogue with an uncomfortable amount of seriousness. 

Corcoran’s Abby is the true standout in the film. Catherine’s character eerily navigates the art of seduction as she interacts with Seth and Richard. Her suggestive line delivery and seductive movements taunt Seth and the audience. 

The dialogue in the film is well-intentioned, though it sometimes comes off as extremely ridiculous. For instance, after Seth tells Richard that he thought Abby was his sister, Richard responds by saying, “I hope she’s not my sister with all the dirty shit I’ve done to her.” When these lines are delivered with the utmost seriousness, it can be a bit distracting. 

The film’s cinematography, executed by Thomson Nguyen, is sufficient. Effective camera movements help shots flow seamlessly from one to the other. The harsh lighting helps highlight the characters’ darker sides with shadows. One sequence manages to contain an entire widely framed dinner table conversation without cutting away once. All of these elements help emphasize the eerie, mysterious tension residing over the entire film. 

On the downside, some shots look a bit too unfiltered to the point where they seem to be straight from the media card. This can be a bit distracting, as it reminds the viewer that they are watching a film and breaks the immersion. 

Overall, “Long Lost” is certainly worth the watch, even if it means just sticking around to see how weird it can get. 

“Long Lost”

Rating: Not Rated

3.3 scandalous bathing suits out of 5


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Thriller ‘Long Lost’ sends viewers down dizzying hole of seduction, suspense