Chaotic Idiot Devotes Life to Art, Like an Idiot

Bixie Mathieu

First off, I hope you’re not looking for something too funny in this 30. Despite being a comic editor, I’ve built my brand on sad drivel! As a shockingly depressed freshman, The Daily Texan and its hidden, beautiful tumor of the comics department, offered me respite and means of expression unlike anything else I’ve experienced on campus. I’ve always been an anxious and “QUiRkY” girl, so having the opportunity to throw my fears and tribulations into a couple of panels with, or more often without, a punchline allowed me to feel comfortable on this huge, overwhelming campus

The comics department has allowed me to truly express my inner thoughts without judgment, and only occasionally censored by Peter. I doubt my mother would have guessed I would be a comics editor when I snobbily corrected her on the definition of graphic novel, but here we are. I’ve been ride-or-die for comics since I could read, but the acceptance I’ve received from my friends, family and the staff at the Texan can move me to tears. 

Mom, my fellow comic connoisseur, Dad, Nunnie, Pawpaw and Amy — thank you, with all of my stitched-up heart, for your love! It is so easy to feel trapped in one’s own head, so pouring all of the horrors and spinning fear in there into a few silly black and white drawings on a page, has been nothing if not liberating.

It was a transcendent experience for me — some dorky, awkward, borderline antisocial weirdo — to be accepted for my self-pitying thoughts. I have expressed all of my greatest unspoken woes and fears through my exasperated Bix Boots character, and I have been supported throughout all of it. The community I have found in this decrepit basement has been so influential to my growth as a person. The creative juices are thick and flowing through the comic staff, despite the broken scanner and low ink markers.

Although this department has faced trials, the strength and passion of those who have passed under the various “bunny” labels continues to impress me, as all of the staffers continue to begrudgingly submit inspiring, hilarious and controversial work. Y’all continue to inspire me. I know the next generation of influential, game-changing artists and illustrators is passing through our page every weekday, and I know they’ll be better than freaking Opus the Penguin. To the friends I’ve made along the way, I hope you know how much I appreciate y’all and the bizarre conversations we’ve had. 

Channing and Lauren, nothing but love for my favorite ladies! To everyone else in the comics department, just know that you have my heart.