Fake engineer bids farewell to fake news

Keshav Prathivadi

It feels as if every time I’ve done something related to the basement, there’s always been an aura of uncertainty.

Applying for a spot in the sports department permanent staff on three different occasions, credentials for the NFL Draft and Super Bowl LIII all had that “whatever, it doesn’t hurt to try” mentality attached to it knowing that I was in no way qualified for any of it.

The crazy thing is I got all of the things listed above. And man, did it make those three years in the down there worth it. Let’s talk about it.

Well, every hero has his journey. Mine started by getting mad at ESPN or Dallas Morning News beat reporters slandering my beloved Dallas Cowboys. I couldn’t just stand there and watch; I had to take action. Enter The Daily Texan.

I’ll be honest, I found it pretty hard to fit in the office my first couple of semesters. As an aerospace engineering student, I didn’t have any journalistic acumen or even know what “AP Style” or “em dash” meant.

But with every hero, it’s the beginning that’s always the hardest. And with some help, I spent three years of college in a musty basement and became a somewhat decent writer — but I can’t leave without thanking my fellow inhabitants.

To Ezra, Tyler, Shap, Trent, Alex and Ross, thanks for letting an engineer invade your ranks. I hope you got to realize that we’re actually not robots.

To Peter, thanks for being one of my harshest critics. Seriously, your advice made me the writer I am today.

To the Daily Flexin’ crew, you’re welcome. And yes, I’m talking about my career-high seven point explosion that sent us surging into this year’s intramural playoffs. Championship or bust next year.

Kirsten and Mireya, thanks for making our side of the office the best side. I’ll be sure to put Skrillex on at 11:30 p.m. sharp and Kacey Musgraves’ Golden Hour right before that.

To Catherine, it’s been a privilege working for you. I’m sure you’re now convinced that I’m the best sports bro in the office.

To Ross, thanks for being an amazing editor (and friend) and never letting me down in Waterfall, like ever. We’ll always have Atlanta, and I know for a fact that you’re gonna kill it in New York.

I can’t go without thanking my HSA friends or Aerospace Lads for helping me complete the hero’s journey. There’s too many of you to individually name, but don’t think I’ll ever forget about y’all.

Through all the articles I wrote, ping-pong matches I got skunked in and every “not bad” my story got, I met some pretty amazing people along the way. It’s time sports’ token engineer says thank you, and so long.

Mrs. Obama … it’s been an honor.