Coordinators talk consistency

Daniela Perez

Following the bye week, coordinators Tim Beck and Todd Orlando spoke Wednesday about how both sides of the ball are confident going into their matchup against West Virginia. Now moving into their fifth game of the season, players are also feeling good.

“I think right now, we’re all very pleased about our confidence level,” offensive coordinator Beck said. “I think our guys, regardless of what takes place throughout the course of the game, a series or a drive, they don’t lose faith, they don’t doubt.”

Texas has scored 167 points this season, averaging 41.75 points a game. Quarterback Sam Ehlinger has completed 73% of his passes, thrown 15 touchdowns and has only thrown one interception. Beck said Ehlinger’s understanding of their offense allows for less risky plays.

“We’ve been able to get Sam to have a good understanding of our offense,” Beck said. “So he knows the strengths of plays, the weaknesses of plays. And we continue to teach him about defense. So, the beautiful thing about him is the smarts he has, he’s able to at least keep us out of bad plays. And try to get us in minimal risk plays at times, if something like that or to occur.”

Beck also credits his offensive arsenal and their confidence to their success.

“I think they believe they’re (a) good offensive football team,” Beck said. “So, they almost blame themselves when they don’t score, they come off and say ‘Hey, we’ll fix this.’ ‘I blocked the wrong guy,’ ‘Threw to the wrong guy,’ ‘Ran the wrong route,’ whatever it was. (They’ll say) ‘We’ll fix that coach and be good.’ That part’s been really impressive. To see the resiliency of our guys and just how they attack the game
right now.”

Defensive coordinator Orlando’s defense has also been playing with a lot of confidence and consistency. The defense is still fairly young and learning the ropes from some older players such as senior defensive lineman Malcolm Roach.

“I think they’ve played really well and consistent,” Orlando said. “And like I said beforehand, there’s some veteran presence there. Guys that have been through battles, and unfortunately, you know, some of the guys in the back end, we would expect really help us have been hurt. So, you got guys out in that field that everything is the first time for him. … You get into the back end, you don’t have a  lot of experience, every day’s a learning curve.”

According to Beck, Roach consistently guides younger players in practice on how to pressure quarterbacks or how to cover up holes in a play.

Now a mentor for younger players, Roach continues to fulfill his role as a leader. Roach is proud of the team and
their resilience.

“(Something I’m proud of is) just never stopping, just never going out without a fight,” Roach said. “We’re going to play until the clock hits zero.”