5 informative podcasts offer direction for college students

Grace Barnes

Balancing exams, clubs, friends, payments, work and staying healthy can be tricky for college students. Oftentimes, self-care and enrichment fall to the back burner in the chaos of a busy schedule. Podcasts are an easy way to practice self-care, develop healthy habits, learn new things and take a mental break.

The Daily Texan compiled a list of five podcasts to help students stay on top of current events, discover new health and wellness tricks, get inspired by powerful women, manage money better and learn fascinating new sides to subjects that would otherwise stay hidden.

The Daily

From The New York Times, these 20-minute episodes are posted five days a week, with each iteration focusing on a current event or news topic. Host Michael Barbaro provides an overview of the issue before launching deeper into more fascinating, minute details, often with the help of stakeholders and journalists with expertise in the area. This podcast is perfect for any student who wants to be globally and politically aware, but doesn’t always have time to peruse a newspaper.

“The Daily” balances big topics at the forefront of news with compelling individual stories, so students can become more educated and empathetic citizens. Hint: This isn’t just for journalism majors! Listen at nytimes.com.

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

This podcast makes self-care easy by providing listeners with engaging tips and strategies for improving study routines, sleep habits and general health and wellness. Instead of offering generalized life advice, “Tiny Leaps, Big Changes” offers specific, day-to-day solutions for the overwhelmed student.


For students looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle or who are just starting out, “Tiny Leaps, Big Changes” can help turn minor adjustments into life-changing developments — one day at a time. Available on iTunes.

Bad With Money

Adulting is hard, and for many students, college is the first time they are faced with the challenges of money management. On “Bad With Money,” comedian and New York Times best-selling author Gaby Dunn explores the overlaps of finance and social justice through funny,
relatable conversations.

Joined by musicians, financial psychologists and even her parents, Dunn discusses the control money has over people’s lives, making “Bad With Money” anything but a mind-numbing financial advice podcast. For those who have ever worried about how much they’re making, saving and spending, this podcast is ideal. Available
on iTunes.

Girlboss Radio

Hosted by Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, “Girlboss Radio” consists of interviews with successful and influential women ranging from comedians to entrepreneurs. Listeners will learn about the inspiring stories of interviewees and their personal takeaways. For any student looking for a daily dose of female badassery or just good career advice, look no further. Available on iTunes, Spotify or the
Girlboss website.

Freakonomics Radio

Last, but certainly not least, “Freakonomics Radio” promises a fascinating and enjoyable study break by exploring everything listeners thought they knew, but didn’t. This podcast tackles subjects such as Hollywood’s gender discrimination problem, the economics of sports gambling, and what Nancy Pelosi, Serena Williams and Taylor Swift have in common. For students interested in the hidden economic side of things, give it a listen on the way to class, or during a study break. Listeners are left feeling smarter after every episode. Listen
at freakonomics.com.