Biology major turned design editor writes for first, last time

Christiana Peek

Thank you to Faith for getting me into this organization. We stayed in the same dorm freshman year on the same floor, so it was inevitable that we would become such good friends. Through your encouragement, I signed up for tryouts in the photo and design department and was later accepted into the design department. I never knew I would become the editor for my department, especially since my major and course of study were not related to journalism. 

I literally would not be here if it weren’t for you encouraging me. 

The earliest memory I have of Kirsten would be the Harry Potter debate we had. She is a true stan, and I cannot compare to her on that subject. Thank you to Jim for waiting for me to submit the paper and Lisa, Jason and Catherine for all the rides home and midnight conversations. 

Reneé, you have been with me since the beginning in 2017. I know you’ll do great in your field, and every time I design I think, “What would Reneé do?” Thank you to Christina, Maria, Sierra, Kendall and Nila for riding with me through the fall and spring semesters. We have seen some roller coasters, and I wouldn't trade any of the highs or lows. Thank you, design pups. My favorite social was the one at Pizza Press because that’s when I got to fully experience each of your personalities and pizza preferences. I truly had a full dog house.

Thank you Peter for the approximately five critiques that I got that were positive over the three years I worked here. I’ve already printed them out and taped them to my laptop for motivation through med school. I feel my time has been cut short at the Texan, but I am really proud of how far I’ve come since I joined, and I expect to continue designing after I leave. I may even sit in the office from time to time and design as if I had three minutes until deadline. 

I’m going to try to name all of the people who were influential in my time here: Donnavan, Trinady, Wills, Sunnie, Cameron, Amna, Eddie, Carlos, Alex, The Andrea D’Mello, Forrest, Mireya. I failed that, but I think that goes to show how strong of a community the Texan can build. Every time I thought about leaving, I always remembered the people I had built relationships with and felt I had to stay because I had to see their smiling faces again. 

I am so glad I chose the Texan to be my outlet for creativity away from the science world. I was chosen to be the design editor, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. What starts here really does change the world, and these people have changed my life. Sweet potato pie is still greater than pumpkin pie.