One last adequate from a sports writer

Wills Layton

I found out I got the job as a sportswriter in the silent library of the RLM. Despite the fact that I was in the RLM, a factory of sadness, my brother and I silently fist pumped as we disturbed many who were trying to study.

Since that day, I have worked in the opinion department, been the associate sports editor and worked many a late night in the basement, always wearing a Vikings jersey, which led to my nickname from Barb: Grape. Throughout my entire time at the Texan, I made memories I will cherish forever.  

I want to specifically thank Christiana Peek, who got me into “Love Is Blind,” for which I am forever grateful, and Jason Lihuang, who was always seemingly a moment away from going off on someone. Both of these amazing people made working at the Texan a pleasure, and our conversations made the long nights much easier. I also want to shout out the entire copy and design departments for always working so hard and making our lives easier.

I also want to thank Trinady Joslin, who became one of my closest friends at the Texan. We watched way too many funny videos and talked about “The Bachelor” way too much, but it was always a hoot.

Next, I want to thank Lisa Nhan and Spencer Buckner, the absolute best people I could have worked for during my year on permanent staff. Her superior memes and his attitude kept the Texan running even when things got hectic. I will miss watching “RuPaul’s Drag Race” lip syncs in her office and joking around during budget with Spencer.  

In the sports department, I made some of my best friends. Covering men’s basketball, I got to work with Stephen Wagner, who always took the longest time writing articles postgame. Normally, I wouldn’t have cared, but I was always his ride.

However, he always made up for it by making me laugh. We had the best time traveling to Waco to cover a blowout against Baylor, joking the entire time. Even the worst games were made better. It also helped that he’s an incredibly talented writer who will probably win an award at some point.

Next, and without a doubt my best friend at the Texan, is the most talented writer in the sports department. That is, of course, Myah Taylor. Myah and I really became close during my first semester on permanent staff and hit it off instantly. She is arguably the best thing to come out of my time at the Texan, and when I am at law school next fall, I will be sure to stay in touch and continue to read her amazing articles.

While my final semester at the Texan was cut short thanks to COVID-19, I am so proud of what I was able to accomplish and will miss the basement with all my heart.

Acta est fabula. Plaudite.