• Karate Kick



  • Browsing at Fortney's


    Allie Souder leaves Fortney's, a local home furnishing shop on West 6th street on Monday afternoon. Souder and her family came from Massachusetts to visit the Texan capital. 

    Souder's husband browses the eclectic items that Fortney's has to offer.

    Fanny Trang | Daily Texan Staff

  • Austin City Limits: Friday

    Austin City Limits Festival celebrated its 10th edition on Friday. The concerts were interrupted by the rain in the afternoon.


    Lead singer of Reptar, a Disco House band from Georgia, performs on Friday at ACL.


    Santigold performs on Friday at the Austin City Limits Festival. 


    Indie rock band Ha Ha Tonka performs on Friday at ACL.


    Big Boi performs on Friday at The Austin City Limits Festival in front of a energetic crowd.

    Shernita Anderson and Brooke Shepherd dance at the Big Boi performance on Friday.


    Kanye West closed the festival Friday night  with a high budget show. 


    Fanny Trang | Daily Texan Staff

  • RedBlack Gym

    Esther Davis performs kettlebell complexes  during her prescribed class at the RedBlack Gym, located on Burnet, Tuesday evening. Kettlebells are a blend of cardiovascular and strength training originally developed in Russia.