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‘Twilight’ heroine comes up short, not much of a feminist role model

Sarah-Grace Sweeney November 16, 2012

In the age of the “Twilight” phenomenon, the case has been made plenty of times that Bella Swan is not a feminist. She is a terrible role model for young girls. Her relationship with Edward...


‘Breaking Dawn’ ends the ‘Twilight’ series with a whimper, not a bang

Alex Williams November 16, 2012

“Twilight” is the kind of franchise whose success simultaneously makes zero sense and all the sense in the world. It’s an exercise in horrible, horrible writing and characterization,...


Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis create a well-made biopic with ‘Lincoln’

Alex Williams November 16, 2012

Steven Spielberg has made plenty of films about war, films like “Saving Private Ryan”  and “War Horse” that have painted alternately horrifying and moving pictures of the great...

Son makes film to dive into his father, William Colby’s, life as CIA director

Olivia Arena November 12, 2012

Carl Colby grew up as the son of a spy, not necessarily a father. Shrouded in mystery, William Colby spent nearly 30 years serving the United States as both CIA director and Spymaster. In Colby’s...


Latest addition to Bond series delivers some of best action scenes

Alex Williams November 9, 2012

Fifty years after the iconic secret agent ordered his first martini, shaken, not stirred, we find the Bond franchise at an impasse. “Casino Royale,” Daniel Craig’s series debut, was one...


“Smashed” powerful but short study of alcoholism

Alex Williams November 9, 2012

November is apparently the month of the alcoholism message movie, and between last week’s harrowing “Flight” and Sony Pictures Classics’ unsettling “Smashed,” the topic...


Zemeckis reaches new cinematic heights with ‘Flight’

Alex Williams November 2, 2012

Ever since 2000’s “Cast Away,” director Robert Zemeckis has stuck to developing motion capture cinema, most notably with 2007’s preposterously violent adaptation of “Beowulf.”...


Latest Disney animated film aims for wide audience, disappointing in lack of depth

Alex Williams November 2, 2012

Video games are the biggest time suck a college student can encounter. Facebook and the demands of maintaining a decent GPA are reason enough to let your consoles collect dust. However, everyone remembers...


Book collection presents an assortment of the horror genre, gets readers ready for Halloween

Bobby Blanchard October 30, 2012

The best scary stories used to be told around a crackling fire or between the pages of a good book. Now, most nail-bitters are told at the modern movie theater, with screens as wide as 72 feet. These movies...

PRESS_Cloud Atlas_admi

Unconventional film turns Hollywood on its head, amazes viewers with visuals, storyline

Alex Williams October 26, 2012

“Cloud Atlas” isn’t a film that can be assessed on any sort of traditional scale. It has half a dozen protagonists, scoffs in the face of three-act structure, and spends the majority...


‘Silver Linings Playbook’ offers genuine performances by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

Alex Williams October 24, 2012

David O. Russell is one of Hollywood’s most unpredictable working filmmakers. Russell’s journey from war comedy “Three Kings” to Oscar-winning boxing drama “The Fighter”...


Short film art form remains popular

Jorge Corona October 22, 2012

The Austin Film Festival’s marquee screenings feature highly anticipated movies such as “Silver Linings Playbook” and “Hyde Park on Hudson,” but the festival is also the proud...

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