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copycat review courtesy of Dead OceansWEB

Phoebe Bridgers, Rob Moose team up, reimagine Punisher with Copycat Killer

Thomas Casler November 23, 2020

If Punisher didn’t already tear your heart out, Phoebe Bridgers’ reworking of the album with critically acclaimed string composer Rob Moose sure will.  Bridgers collaborated with Moose...

copycat QA courtesy of Max Wangerweb

Rob Moose talks Copycat Killer, fatherhood, upcoming solo project

Thomas Casler November 23, 2020

Even if you’re not familiar with the name Rob Moose, you’ve definitely heard his work. Moose is a Grammy Award-winning string composer and arranger that has worked with big name artists such...

sound of UT CourtesyofAustenJofSusannahJoffe

The Sound of UT: student finds new sound through exploring her sexuality

Morgan-Taylor Thomas November 17, 2020

With a bunch of silver and gold chain necklaces around her neck, Susannah Joffe applied blush to her face as she got ready for a night out. Peering into the mirror, she said her journey to music started...

Positions Courtesy of Republic Records

Ariana Grande’s Positions is full of disco, debauchery, and duets

Miranda Garza November 3, 2020

The expectations for Ariana Grande’s newest album Positions were almost as high as her whistle tones.  The Grammy-award-winning singer announced early October via social media that she would...


The Sound of UT: Christian Coffey

Morgan-Taylor Thomas October 28, 2020

Christian Coffey is a lyricist producing music in the rap and R&B genres, but he said he doesn’t want to confine himself to a single genre. Coffey’s love for music started in middle school,...

Remote Review Courtesy of Atlantic recordsWEB

Wallows took all the right risks with experimental EP ‘Remote’

Miranda Garza October 26, 2020

What started as a quarantine project is now the band Wallows’ EP, Remote. The album consists of six lively songs that make any listener feel like the main character in their own coming of age movie.  In...

The sound of UT_Courtesy of Abhi Velega

The Sound of UT: Abhi Velaga

Morgan-Taylor Thomas October 23, 2020

Abhi Velaga is a one-man-band: The computer science senior plays instruments, contributes vocals and produces all of his own songs.  Velaga has been releasing rock music since 2015 under the name...

Maddy hatchett_courtesy of Emma McCutchen_

Musician Maddy Hatchett follows in her grandfather’s footsteps, releases single

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 9, 2020

Dreamy ‘70s music makes a comeback Oct. 9 with a UT student’s new single, “Out of My Head.” The song, filled with fuzzy guitars and lyrics expressing modern-day problems, will be...


UT alumnus emerges as solo artist with new album ‘Guitar for Pandas’

Dina Barrish October 7, 2020

When Zach Youpa looks back at his time at UT, the alumnus remembers performing five nights a week with his band Light Horse Harry at campus bars, the 21st Street Co-op and even the Mohawk in downtown.  After...


Austin music community adapts to COVID-19 with drive-in concerts, social distancing measures

Morgan-Taylor Thomas September 30, 2020

Crowd-surfing, headbanging and masses of sweaty bodies jumping up and down used to be the essence of attending a concert. Now, fans must stay in their own space away from fellow audience members. “The...


Students create music, foster creativity during quarantine

Jennifer Errico September 17, 2020

“Does it Ever End” isn’t just a question the world has been asking for the last seven months. It’s advertising senior AJ Abdullah’s newest indie-pop single. “(The...

Briscoe courtesy_of_georgia_lupton

Folk duo Briscoe to release debut album during COVID-19 pandemic

Lauren Castro September 15, 2020

When May rolled around and the world still stood in the midst of a pandemic, the red-headed folk duo Briscoe escaped to a cabin on a lake in San Angelo, Texas. The pair spent time dreaming up their debut...