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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Kerbey Lane celebrates 35th anniversary with festivities, donations to United Way

Rachel Lew May 5, 2015

Kerbey Lane Cafe celebrated its 35th year anniversary Monday with face painting and miniature horses — donating all of the proceeds to United Way for Greater Austin.  Mason Ayer, CEO of Kerbey...


Students bring local comics to co-op basement for weekly stand-up comedy show Chortle Portal

Katie Walsh April 30, 2015

Five local comics gather in the weight room of the Taos Co-op basement. On the other side of the door, a saxophonist in a black turtleneck croons atop a rickety stage. The lights are dim, and the crowd...


New musical, ‘How To Be Super,’ allows students to don capes and take to the stage

Marisa Charpentier April 30, 2015

Hot Sauce Guy and Mr. Butter-Side-Up may not have super strength or super speed, but these underdogs will attempt to save the city of Brighton from darkness in the SAC Black Box Theatre for the next four...


UT freshman makes commercials for Austin businesses

Charles Liu April 29, 2015

Radio-television-film student John Hanby owns a professional film production company that produces high-quality commercials for businesses around Austin — and he’s only a freshman. Hanby’s...


Self-taught student musician prepares to release full-length album

Marisa Charpentier April 22, 2015

The sounds of cars rushing down the street and students shuffling into class aren’t just noise to public relations senior Daniel Sahad — they’re melodies. “I just hear music...


UT sophomore, mentalist performs on South Congress under moniker, “The Girl Who Knows”

Katie Walsh April 16, 2015

The Tower bell rings Friday afternoon, and Sofia Dyer is finished with classes. Rather than hopping into bed for a well-deserved Netflix marathon, Sofia grabs a blindfold, puts on her turban and makes...


TBT: 1970s students use ‘rider boards’ to find convenient transportation home

Marisa Charpentier April 16, 2015

As students without cars prepare to head home for the weekends or holiday breaks, many turn to UT Facebook groups, asking to tag along with people on their journeys home. Posts such as “Is anyone...


We tested out Amazon’s one-hour delivery service, and it worked so well it was a little creepy

Charles Liu April 15, 2015

With its latest mobile app, Prime Now, Amazon is one step closer to world domination. With the app, which is available on iOS and Android, Amazon Prime subscribers have the option of free two-hour delivery...


UT students share their experience with sex ed in Texas

Jackie Wang and Eleanor Dearman April 14, 2015

When radio-televisionfilm sophomore Holly Cook first came to UT, she had never taken a formal health or sex education course. Cook, who attended Clear Lake High School in Houston, learned what she knew...


Slideshow: Texas Revue 2015

Marshall Tidrick April 13, 2015

Campus Events + Entertainment hosted the annual Texas Revue talent show on Saturday night at The Texas Union. Nritya Sangam won best overall and Dirty Douth Dandiya won The Cristi Biggs Memorial Award...


MFA student examines identical twins with near-identical lives in new documentary

Katie Walsh April 10, 2015

Public relations seniors Gabby and Allie Byers take the “identical” part of their status as identical twins seriously. The sisters share a Facebook profile and the same class schedule, and...


Take Back the Night allows survivors to voice stories

Vinesh Kovelamudi April 9, 2015

Voices Against Violence hosted “Take Back the Night” at the Main Mall on Wednesday to provide an open forum for survivors of sexual violence to share their stories. Take Back the Night is...