Ideas for Johnny Manziel's Halloween costume


Photo Credit: The Associated Press

Johnny Manziel has had some pretty big moments in the past year. After bursting onto  the national scene, he led once afterthought Texas A&M to an upset over first-ranked Alabama en route to becoming the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy. He also  inspired nationwide controversy and nearly lost his ineligibility over an alleged NCAA violation about collecting money for his autograph. But the most influential and controversial moment of Johnny Football’s stellar year? 

Last Halloween, obviously.

There he is, decked out head to toe in a full Scooby-Doo costume, dancing with a  beautiful Aggie woman. So what could Manziel do this year to overshadow that? He’s letting us decide.

Johnny Football was asked by the website Outkick the Coverage to allow readers to decide what he should dress as for this year’s Halloween, and, what do you know, he  agreed. There is a great amount of power in your hands, America. This costume decision will have a huge impact on not only the college football world, but  the entire country as well. This is Johnny’s time to shine, and we can’t let him down.

So, what should Johnny go with? I thought of a few ideas:

• An NFL football player. The guy can’t wait to get out of College Station as it is.

• A Texas Longhorn. Ahhh, what could have been!

• A wad of money. Manziel already spends enough time around money. Maybe we should add a sharpie marker to this costume.

• An alarm clock. This way, after “forgetting” his at the Manning Passing Camp,  he won’t have to worry about being late to the party.

• Mack Brown’s biggest regret. He wouldn’t even have to dress up.

• AJ McCarron. His Alabama friend/archrival. Would he be able to take  McCarron’s ex-girlfriend Katherine Webb too?

Or, he could just wear this.

Honestly, he doesn’t need a Halloween costume. Real-life Johnny Football is funny enough for us. And he’s already scary enough for defensive coordinators.