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Student robbed, assaulted near campus

Bobby Blanchard June 22, 2012

An aggravated assault and armed robbery involving a UT student occurred at 3:23 a.m. near Trinity Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard. UTPD Captain Julie Gillespie said the suspects were four black...

Tuition assistance resumes for student soldiers at UT-Arlington, UT-Austin talks still ongoing [UPDATE]

Bobby Blanchard June 21, 2012

Update on June 22 at 12:50 p.m. - UT spokesperson Gary Susswein said UT Austin and Texas Army National Guard officials had a productive meeting Thursday afternoon on their differing tuition policies. “Nothing...


McCombs Professor William W. Cooper, inventor of management science, dies at age 97

Bobby Blanchard June 21, 2012

After more than 30 years of service at the University, Professor Emeritus William W. Cooper died on Wednesday. He was 97. Cooper was known for numerous accomplishments, spanning from his youth to the...

University Co-op sells UTexas Memes t-shirts in trial period online, students protest for credit

Bobby Blanchard June 20, 2012

The University Co-op announced last week it would begin selling UTexas Memes shirts on their website on a shirt-by-shirt basis. UTexas Memes started as a Facebook page in early February. Daniel Monroy,...

APD adopts new policies for dog encounters

Bobby Blanchard June 19, 2012

The Austin Police Department announced Tuesday they were changing their policies and training pertaining to officers engaging with dogs. APD spokeswoman Veneza Aguinaga said the new policy will go into...

University of Texas at Arlington President Spaniolo announces retirement

Bobby Blanchard June 18, 2012

President James D. Spaniolo of the University of Texas at Arlington announced Monday he was retiring but will remain in the position until the Board of Regents found his replacement. Spaniolo emailed...

Scientists show support for imprisoned student in panel discussions

Bobby Blanchard June 18, 2012

Panel discussions and events continue to take place in support for Omid Kokabee, the UT physics graduate student who many are saying was unjustly sentenced to ten years in prison in Iran. A Massachusetts...

Long search for undergraduate dean detailed

Bobby Blanchard June 18, 2012

For Paul Woodruff, stepping down as dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies to return to teaching means changing jobs, but for the school it means an international search for a new dean that could...

UT representatives to discuss military tuition funding with the Department of Defense

Bobby Blanchard June 18, 2012

Representatives from the UT System will meet with the U.S. Department of Defense within the next few weeks in an attempt to negotiate a deal to keep tuition funding for active UT military students. The...


DREAM Act supporters celebrate executive order allowing work permits

Bobby Blanchard June 16, 2012

On Thursday, UT graduate Daniel Olvera would not have been able to apply for a high school job teaching social studies because of his undocumented status. Today, it is a different story. President Barack...

Leander explosion caused by malfunctioning projectile launcher

Bobby Blanchard June 15, 2012

The cause of an equipment malfunction that resulted in a gas explosion at a University-leased building in Leander, Texas is still unclear, Juan Sanchez, vice president for research, said. Tuesday morning,...


Paul Woodruff steps down as UGS dean during a time of rapid growth in the school

Bobby Blanchard June 14, 2012

Paul Woodruff, the School of Undergraduate Studies’ first dean, announced today he was stepping down to return to teaching. The hunt for a new dean comes at a time when the enrollment rate for UGS...

Daily Texan’s first Hispanic editor-in-chief dies at 62

Bobby Blanchard June 13, 2012

Lorenza “Lori” Rodriguez, the first Hispanic editor-in-chief of The Daily Texan, was found dead in her home last week. She was 62. Rodriguez was editor-in-chief from 1971-72, an era when the...

Gas explosion occurs at University-leased building in Leander

Bobby Blanchard June 12, 2012

A gas explosion at a University-leased building in Leander this morning resulted in one injury caused by flying debris, said University spokeswoman Cindy Posey. Posey said the explosion occurred after...

UT student’s prison sentence sparks academic support

Bobby Blanchard June 11, 2012

Updated June 13, 2012 at 7:53 a.m. Scientists and professors are continuing their efforts to gain international and local support for UT physics graduate student Omid Kokabee, who was sentenced to 10...


UT prepares for increased number of incoming freshmen

Bobby Blanchard June 10, 2012

Administrators across the University are prepared for issues that may arise from an increase in student enrollment this year of about 800 to 1,000 students. The entering class of 2016 is expected to be...

Man dies in two-highway motorcycle accident

Bobby Blanchard June 8, 2012

A 62-year old man died in a motorcycle accident this morning, according to Warren Hassigner, Austin-Travis County EMS spokesman. Hassigner said the motorcyclist hit the rail of Interstate Highway 35,...

Helicopter scheduled to shoot footage of UT Tower

Bobby Blanchard and Samuel Liebl June 7, 2012

Update: Cloudy skies and scattered showers pushed back the Tower helicopter filming, which has been rescheduled for Saturday morning from 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., and in the evening from 6 p.m. to 9:00...


UT president speaks to incoming freshmen

Bobby Blanchard June 6, 2012

At orientation Wednesday, UT President William Powers Jr. stressed the importance of graduating in four years in his speech to 1200 incoming freshman. These 1200 students are a part of the incoming freshman...

UT commits to simplify financial aid, college cost information

Bobby Blanchard June 5, 2012

The UT System announced its commitment to make information on college costs and financial aid easier to understand and more readily available for students by 2013, according to a White House press release. UT...

Social media reflect reactions to rumors of Powers’ firing

Bobby Blanchard June 4, 2012

Just a little more than four hours after Senior Executive Editor Paul Burka broke news on the Texas Monthly website that UT President William Powers Jr. might be in jeopardy of losing his job, graduate...

Orientation welcomes large class with revised presentations

Bobby Blanchard June 4, 2012

The University will welcome 1200 students in the summer’s first orientation session on June 6 with a redesigned program made to help increase four-year graduation rates. In February, the University...


New campus-wide irrigation system tracks data and saves water

Bobby Blanchard June 4, 2012

Markus Hogue can turn on any sprinkler on campus with a few clicks from his office in Facilities Complex Building 8. At his desk, Hogue can watch as water data comes in, something he can spend six hours...

UT alumna named new vice president for student affairs

Bobby Blanchard May 21, 2012

With the hope to unite the academic and student affairs aspects of campus, Gage Paine will take her position as vice president for student affairs starting August 1. University President William Powers...


New UT publication brings different perspectives to 40 Acres

Bobby Blanchard May 2, 2012

After two semesters and a summer of planning, a new online African-American UT publication will launch in the fall. Cheyenne Matthews-Hoffman, editor-in-chief of the publication and a journalism sophomore,...

Safety concerns delay UT-El Paso boxing match

Bobby Blanchard May 1, 2012

Following Texas System Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa’s reversal on the decision to cancel a high-profile boxing event in El Paso, the border town’s City Council is set to vote today on whether...

College of Natural Sciences selects new dean

Bobby Blanchard April 25, 2012

Linda Hicke, the newly appointed dean of the College of Natural Sciences, said she is looking forward to just about everything that Austin has to offer. “The scope and activities and the happenings...

Texas running low on college educated workers

Bobby Blanchard April 25, 2012

If Texas wants to produce enough college certified workers to fill the job market, the state will have to rethink its plan regarding higher education. According to a study co-authored by Joni Finney,...


Researchers find teachers are biased against young white female students

Bobby Blanchard April 18, 2012

Math teachers may rate white female students as less capable than white male students regardless of test scores, according to new UT research. A recent study co-authored by assistant professor Catherine...


Director brings new film to UT, tells students about his way to success

Bobby Blanchard April 18, 2012

Joseph Kahn said he put every dollar he ever made into his movie “Detention,” which he believed was going to bomb, and he was totally happy with that. Kahn, director of “Detention”...


Several UT organizations advocate for gender-inclusive housing

Bobby Blanchard April 18, 2012

Promoting the movement for gender-inclusive housing on campus, StandOut held a demonstration Tuesday afternoon on Speedway about what a dorm room with students of different genders would look like. Ashley...


South Mall green gets a new coat of grass

Bobby Blanchard April 11, 2012

While the South Mall grass is always greener this time of year thanks to an annual regrassing, students will not get to enjoy lounging on the lawn for a few weeks. The lawn in the Six Pack will remain...


Graduate Student Assembly holds 5k to raise money for professional development

Bobby Blanchard April 2, 2012

Running up and down the hills of the 40 Acres proved to be a challenging homecoming for UT alumna Cristina Bilder, who ran in the Graduate Student Assembly 5K to help raise money for professional development. “It...

Austin gaming industry panel encourages students to seek careers in video games

Bobby Blanchard March 28, 2012

Working in the gaming industry can range from creating machine guns to designing Hello Kitty logos in a day, which is why Sheri Graner Ray said flexibility is an important attitude for anyone going into...

Attack affects Roundup safety

Bobby Blanchard and Sarah White March 26, 2012

Austin Police Department and University administrators took extra precautions to ensure student safety at Roundup, the annual Greek philanthropy and social event. Despite such efforts, the event included...

Round Rock city manager discusses how to secure, keep municipal employees

Bobby Blanchard March 21, 2012

Working a government job does not have to be mundane. At least, that is the hope of city managers like Steve Norwood who are fighting to hire and retain the best employees. Norwood, the city manager of...


UT psychology professor studies role of preschool in decreasing student achievement gap

Bobby Blanchard March 19, 2012

Preschool may be the answer to reducing the achievement gap between children from privileged and underprivileged families, according to a psychological study conducted by a UT professor. Assistant professor...

Student Government lobbies triclosan anti-bacterial soap ban

Bobby Blanchard March 9, 2012

While anti-bacterial soap can be hygienic, Student Government members want the campus to ban the soap because it contains a chemical possibly harmful to students’ health. A possible ban on antibacterial...


Peddler Dirt Derby holds bike races on Tuesdays

Bobby Blanchard March 7, 2012

With the hope of getting more beginners riding on Texas trails with their bikes, Central Texas Grassroots Cycling will be hosting four more bicycle races this spring. The Peddler Dirt Derby, CTXGC’s...


Read-in protests Tucson book ban, ethnic studies cuts

Bobby Blanchard March 1, 2012

Beneath an umbrella next to a sign declaring “Knowledge is Beautiful,” anthropology and Plan II senior Rashika Pedris read an excerpt from Henry David Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience”...


Lecture includes discussion on hopes for medical school in Austin

Bobby Blanchard February 29, 2012

Because 75 percent of health care personnel continue to work at the facilities where they are trained, a UT medical school in Austin would help the area gain more health physicians — something Central...


Harry Ransom Center earns award for photography book

Bobby Blanchard February 23, 2012

A photography book chronicling a husband and wife as they developed one of the largest collections on the history of photography has gained national attention and an award for the Harry Ransom Center. HRC...


African-American cultural dinner served at dining halls

Bobby Blanchard February 22, 2012

An African American Cultural Dinner featuring items such as fried chicken and cornbread was held at Kinsolving and Jester dining halls on Tuesday in celebration of Black History Month. Jazz and blues music...

Texas New Media organization explores social media tools in journalism

Bobby Blanchard February 22, 2012

Internet-based news technologies, including social media such as Twitter and Facebook, are the focus of a new student organization on campus which seeks to explore the changing face of journalism. Texas...


Duration of FIG mentor seminar classes increases

Bobby Blanchard February 15, 2012

The first-year interest group mentor seminar class that trains new FIG mentors each spring semester now requires more work, but offers course credit to make up for the time increase. The length of UGS...


Meme webpage attracts abundant attention, participation

Bobby Blanchard February 14, 2012

UTexas Memes Facebook page creator Daniel Monroy said he was stunned to get an email from a high school student stating: “Thanks for creating the page, I’m going to UT instead of Rice because...


Students with disabilities seek better accommodations from UT

Bobby Blanchard February 8, 2012

In the past five years, the number of students registering with the Services for Students with Disabilities has doubled, and the University is making efforts to better accommodate them. Students registered...


Alarm app helps students wake up refreshed

Bobby Blanchard February 8, 2012

Students with hectic schedules may find solace with the Sleep Cycle alarm clock mobile app, which could potentially help students wake up feeling more refreshed. This app, which is currently the most...

Austin Urban Rail proposal has support, uncertainties

Bobby Blanchard February 6, 2012

The city will gain either a new medical school or an Urban Rail initiative depending on how Austinites vote on two competing proposals. City Council member Bill Spelman said he believed the medical school...


Study may offer new perspective on cancer treatment

Bobby Blanchard February 1, 2012

Potential for a new perspective on diagnosing, predicting and treating cancer may result from a research study involving 3-D models showing the mechanical property changes that a cancer cell undergoes,...

UT-Arlington jumps ahead of UTSA in enrollment

Bobby Blanchard January 27, 2012

Numbers from the UT System Productivity Dashboard show UT-Arlington surpassing UT-San Antonio as the second largest school in the UT System regarding student enrollment, following UT-Austin. Enrollment...


UTC loses power, causes some classes to be canceled

Jillian Bliss and Bobby Blanchard January 26, 2012

After a Wednesday thunderstorm left the University Teaching Center  University Teaching Center without power for two days, University Facilities Services has restored power to the building. Electrical...


Course Transformation Program adds more educational technology to courses

Bobby Blanchard January 25, 2012

Using technology to enhance introductory courses has helped students earn better grades, said representatives of the Course Transformation Program. The program, which began in spring 2010, aims to increase...


Renovated library opens next December with new exhibits

Bobby Blanchard January 19, 2012

Visitors to the Lyndon B. Johnson Library & Museum will get the chance to act as advisors to former President Johnson on the Vietnam War in a new feature that is part of a series of renovations and...

New draft excuses restaurants from bag ban

Bobby Blanchard January 19, 2012

Students ordering food to-go may be relieved to find the third draft of a ban on single-use bags in Austin will once again exempt restaurants from the proposed ordinance. The City Council is set to discuss...

Officials reinspect plastic bag memorandum before March vote

Bobby Blanchard January 19, 2012

Misused data was cited in a memorandum which helped support the proposed ban of plastic bags from Austin, said Steven Stein, principal of Environmental Resource Planning, LLC, in a letter to Bob Gedert,...

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