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Micro Farm expects massive impact on UT nutrition

Bobby Blanchard November 9, 2012

UT’s Micro Farm is off to a not-so-micro start. The project is aimed at growing food locally on campus for UT’s dining halls, an on-campus farm stand and a nearby food shelter. It is funded...


Emma Donoghue’s new book ‘Astray’ delves into stories of migrants

Bobby Blanchard November 8, 2012

Emma Donoghue’s “stray,” a short story collection that switches artfully across many writing styles and narrative voices, tells 14 tales of people who are finding their way home. Divided...

Former UT deans paid more than current deans

Alexa Ura and Bobby Blanchard November 8, 2012

UT pays former deans who now serve as professors in the School of Social Work and the School of Architecture at higher rates than the schools’ current deans. From data obtained through a public...


Barack Obama remains President for another four years

Bobby Blanchard November 7, 2012

After what some experts have called one of the closest Presidential races in history, Barack Obama has secured four more years in the White House. As of press time, the president secured 303 projected...


New partnership with edX brings innovation to UTSystem, digital resources

Bobby Blanchard November 2, 2012

Beyond its partnership with a nonprofit offering innovative online classes, the UT System hopes to continue its growth in the world of digital and interactive education. Steven Mintz, executive director...

UT Department of Physics and Society of Physics Students host open house for students to explore labs and department

Bobby Blanchard October 31, 2012

The UT Department of Physics’ open house ended with a splat Tuesday afternoon as watermelons fell 224 feet at 55 miles per hour in about 2-and-half seconds. The event opened 21 labs in Robert Lee...

UT changes admissions law to admit graduating high school students in top 7 percent

Bobby Blanchard October 31, 2012

UT will automatically admit students in the top 7 percent of Texas high school graduating classes next year, down from the top 8 percent this academic year. UT President William Powers Jr. said in a letter...

AISD decides UT play is not a good fit for its elementary schools

Bobby Blanchard October 31, 2012

UT is looking to perform “And Then Came Tango” for private and charter schools after they reached a decision with Austin Independent School Districts to stop performing the play for the district’s...


Book collection presents an assortment of the horror genre, gets readers ready for Halloween

Bobby Blanchard October 30, 2012

The best scary stories used to be told around a crackling fire or between the pages of a good book. Now, most nail-bitters are told at the modern movie theater, with screens as wide as 72 feet. These movies...


Jami Attenberg delivers a dark comedy about family and food

Bobby Blanchard October 29, 2012

It takes a wicked human being to release a book about the dangers of eating too much right before the holiday season when we are all about to be shoving stuffing in our mouths. But that’s just what...

Tom Wolfe goes ‘Back’ to signature style with new novel

Bobby Blanchard October 26, 2012

With a BANG, a SMACK, hundreds of ellipses and God only knows how many exclamation marks, Tom Wolfe is back. Wolfe released his new book, “Back to Blood,” earlier this week, after an eight-year...

UT parking permit does not guarantee parking spots

Bobby Blanchard October 26, 2012

Andrea Wagner does not normally drive to campus. When she does, she usually regrets it. Wagner, a social work junior, has a class C parking permit and is one of many students competing for the limited...

College Republican drop out of debate, Longhorn Libertarians step in

Bobby Blanchard October 24, 2012

College Republicans opted out of a Wednesday debate with University Democrats, citing a lack of organization and communication by Hook the Vote, despite debate organizers’ assertions that the debate...

Assistant instructors take over Italian classes for lecturers

Bobby Blanchard October 24, 2012

Students enrolling in introductory Italian classes next semester are more likely to have an assistant instructor than a lecturer who has taught for years. Three lecturers will not be asked to return to...

Littlefield saves the most sparks in energy contest

Bobby Blanchard October 23, 2012

After a 21-day energy conservation contest, UT’s Honors Quad saved more than 115 kilowatt-hours of energy. The Quad Energy Challenge, a contest that started Oct. 1, was held between the Littlefield,...

AISD puts UT play about two penguin dads on hold

Bobby Blanchard October 23, 2012

Future plays by UT’s College of Fine Arts scheduled for second graders in the Austin Independent School District have been put on hold because of concerns about the “age appropriateness”...


Esperos hopes to provide education to children in Haiti through a line of fashionable backpacks

Bobby Blanchard October 22, 2012

Esperar means “to hope” in Spanish, an emotion Esperos is built on. Esperos, which launched officially this past July, is an organization that sells canvas backpacks to raise money to send...

Screen Shot 2012-10-19 at 12

Student Government raises awareness of West Campus theft rates

David Maly and Bobby Blanchard October 19, 2012

After evaluating the property crime situation in West Campus, Student Government is working to remind students to be more aware of the threat of theft. Carson Jones, University Area Partners’ external...

Compilation of LGBTQ literature commemorates Spirit Day

Bobby Blanchard October 19, 2012

Allies and members of the LGBTQ community will don purple Friday as part of a movement against bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation...

UT’s Senate of College Councils will vote on a new honor code this week

Bobby Blanchard October 18, 2012

The Senate of College Councils will vote on a new honor code for the University at its meeting Thursday night. If the vote passes, the new honor code would say: “As a student of the University of...

Student veterans struggle for UT football game seating

Bobby Blanchard October 17, 2012

Many of UT’s student veterans may skip the annual veteran’s football game next month because of difficulties with seating. Every year, UT honors veterans by decidating one of its games...

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and UT team up on space research projects

Bobby Blanchard October 17, 2012

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory will fund UT research projects after the University signed an agreement with the space program Tuesday. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory added UT to its Strategic University...


‘Goosebumps’ author writes adult novel, falls short

Bobby Blanchard October 15, 2012

With Halloween a little more than two weeks away, readers might feel the urge to pick up R. L. Stine’s latest horror novel, “Red Rain.” Don’t. Stine, who made his fame and fortune...


Fake gun causes concern Friday

Miles Hutson, David Maly, and Bobby Blanchard October 15, 2012

Many students were pleased with the University’s issuance of a timely and informative text alert Friday after receiving reports that a man with a gun and a gas mask was sighted on campus. The gun...


MyEdu evolves into helping students find careers

Bobby Blanchard October 11, 2012

Coinciding with a restructuring of UT’s career services on campus, will now help students in the hunt for jobs and internships. The online higher education platform launched an overhaul...


Shamak promote education and a new fashion

Bobby Blanchard October 10, 2012

A duo of brothers is bringing stylish, Arabic-style sandals to America while raising money for education in South Asia. Radio-Television-Film graduate student Hammad Rizvi and his brother, University...

UT not alone, enrollment increases across Texas

Bobby Blanchard October 10, 2012

Enrollment at public universities is increasing across Texas, not just at UT-Austin. Texas A&M University, the University of North Texas, Texas State University, Texas Tech University and the...

Hook the Vote motivates voting registration with rally

Bobby Blanchard October 9, 2012

With Tuesday marking the last day students can register to vote for the Nov. 6 elections, Hook the Vote is having one last campus-wide voter registration drive. Hook the Vote, a Student Government agency...

Social media stunt grows to hype up thousands of Longhorn football fans

Bobby Blanchard October 5, 2012

Cole Kirby thought #GetLoudDKR would be a small inside joke between his friends. He was wrong. More than 2,000 people have committed to a Facebook event called “#GETLOUDDKR” that encourages...

Communications sciences and disorders professor dies, legacy of learning and dignity lives on

Bobby Blanchard October 5, 2012

Christine Matyear, energetic teacher, cat-lover and skeet-shooter, died Thursday morning. Matyear, a senior lecturer in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, died while she was home...

UT ranks 25th in Times Higher Education survey

Alexa Ura and Bobby Blanchard October 4, 2012

UT-Austin jumped into the top 25 in a listing of the world’s top universities after ranking 29th last year. The University ranked 25th best in the world on the 2012-2013 Times Higher Education’s...

Orientation program allows students to regroup

Bobby Blanchard October 4, 2012

New Student Services has announced a new program called “New Student Orientation 2.0,” which is designed to help first-year students continue their transition into college. Orientation 2.0...


Students walk in protest against racism, accuse University of systemic negligence

Bobby Blanchard and David Maly October 3, 2012

More than 100 members of the UT community marched through the streets of West Campus Tuesday evening, chanting their concerns about recently reported incidents of bias in the area. In a march titled “Walk...

First-time enrollments at U.S. graduate schools fall despite increased applications

Bobby Blanchard October 3, 2012

While UT saw the number of first-time undergraduates increase by 900, its number of first-time graduate students fell slightly, which is part of a national trend. Nationally from 2010 to 2011, applications...

AP_Texas_Rising Tuition_admi

Gov. Perry demands frozen four-year tuition for students, proposes more funding for higher graduation rates

Alexa Ura and Bobby Blanchard October 2, 2012

Texas Gov. Rick Perry renewed demands for four-year tuition freezes and $10,000 degrees at Texas public universities during a news conference Monday afternoon. Perry said he wants to improve higher education...


Sparks fly among honors dormitories in energy conservation contest

Bobby Blanchard October 2, 2012

With a $500 prize on the line, honors students might become obsessed with power instead of grades this month. Turning their lights off is one thing students living in the Littlefield, Carothers, Blanton...


J.K. Rowling’s new novel drafts complex cast of characters

Bobby Blanchard October 2, 2012

J.K. Rowling is still J.K. Rowling. She is the same author who produced the “Harry Potter” and can still conjure up a colorful cast of characters who dictate a puzzling and intricate plot....

University attorneys provide free legal aid to students

Bobby Blanchard October 1, 2012

It is the busy season for Sylvia Holmes in the Legal Services for Students center — and that is how she likes it. Holmes, a part-time attorney at the center, said appointments are booked for two...

Past UT official dies, leaves legacy of leadership and education across country

Bobby Blanchard September 28, 2012

John Silber died Thursday morning of kidney failure at the age of 86. He worked at the University from 1957 to 1970 before Frank Erwin fired him because he opposed Erwin’s plan to reorganize the...

Student regent voting is topic of discussion

Bobby Blanchard and Alexa Ura September 27, 2012

University governing boards commonly include student representatives, but most student regents, including the UT System’s student regent, are forced to advocate for students without a vote. State...

First-annual expo reveals bountiful resources

Bobby Blanchard September 25, 2012

Striving to inform students about the University’s resources and academic issues, the Senate of College Councils hopes to start a new tradition this year. The Senate is holding its first Academic...

Liberal Arts Week will showcase the college’s resources

Bobby Blanchard September 24, 2012

With more than 50 majors in the College of Liberal Arts, defining a liberal arts student is not always easy. But this year’s Liberal Arts week will attempt to explore that, starting with an essay...


TribFest discusses UT issues

David Maly and Bobby Blanchard September 24, 2012

Higher education costs and procedures were a frequent discussion topic at the Texas Tribune Festival this past weekend and offered what some say is a preview of the upcoming legislative session. Sponsored...


The Texas Tribune’s Evan Smith gives preview of the second annual festival at UT Austin

Bobby Blanchard September 21, 2012

Evan Smith, CEO and editor-in-chief of The Texas Tribune, spoke to The Daily Texan about this weekend’s second annual Texas Tribune Festival. The Festival is a weekend-long event with panels, discussions,...


‘Harry Potter in 99 Seconds’ star transfers to UT

Bobby Blanchard September 20, 2012

While his name is not nearly as well-known as his most famous video with 10 million views, Jon Cozart has made a splash into the world of fandom with his YouTube channel, Paint. In July 2011, Cozart released...


With the largest incoming freshman class yet, UT takes measures to cut back number of admitted students

Bobby Blanchard September 20, 2012

After admitting the largest freshman class in UT’s history, 8,092 students, the University’s administration is saying they expect to enroll almost 1,000 fewer students next year. This year’s...

UT avoids separation of Butler School of Music from College of Fine Arts by declining $33 million advance

Bobby Blanchard September 19, 2012

UT officials are turning down an immediate $33 million donation for the music school because they say a string attached to the money would incur too many monetary costs. To get the donation, the University...

Bomb threat caller’s description raises concern about racial bias on campus

Bobby Blanchard and Alexa Ura September 18, 2012

English associate professor Snehal Shingavi opened his class, Literature of Islamophobia, to the public Monday in response to the UT Police Department’s initial statement during Friday’s bomb...


A state of emergency: Friday’s bomb hoax

David Maly and Bobby Blanchard September 17, 2012

After the weekend, concern about the timeliness and language of the University’s response to Friday’s hoax bomb threat remains while FBI investigations are still ongoing. Erik Vasys, San Antonio...


Campus returns to normal, reflects on University’s response after false bomb threat

David Maly and Bobby Blanchard September 14, 2012

Students and faculty have returned to campus after Friday’s evacuation following a phone-in bomb threat that morning. The University cancelled classes Friday, and events resumed at 5:00 p.m. except...

Change in Federal Pell Grant availability causes trouble for students as UT picks up slack

Bobby Blanchard September 14, 2012

UT is filling a void in student financial aid with institutional grants after 60 students did not receive their Federal Pell Grants, a grant ranging from $555 to $5,550 for the neediest students, because...


Lighting the tower

Bobby Blanchard September 13, 2012

After hours of work and preparation, there is some satisfaction for facilities staff members when the UT Tower lights up burnt orange or when the windows spell out a class’ number. But there is also...


SG delays vote on new entrepreneurship agency

Bobby Blanchard September 12, 2012

UT Student Government is focusing on entrepreneurship on campus, working to create a Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency that will support students interested in innovation. SG discussed the legislation...

TA, AI tuition assistance benefits increase temporarily

Bobby Blanchard September 12, 2012

Graduate students who work as teaching assistants or assistant instructors are seeing a temporary increase in their tuition assistance benefits to cover last year’s permanent increase in their tuition. Last...


Eight on-campus buildings evacuated after suspect pulls fire alarms

Bobby Blanchard September 11, 2012

UT Police Department said witnesses reported a suspect pulling fire alarms across campus Monday afternoon, which resulted in eight on-campus building evacuations. According to interviews with witnesses,...


Landscaping technique helps UT save water

Bobby Blanchard September 7, 2012

While UT is saving 233,000 gallons of water annually by using rock gardens and drought-tolerant plants, landscapers in the facilities department are looking to save even more. UT’s Campus Planning...

College of Communication relents, welcomes back Texan news box to Belo

Bobby Blanchard September 7, 2012

After initially prohibiting news boxes at the Belo Center for New Media, the College of Communication announced it has recognized the demand for The Daily Texan and will place a box on-site sometime in...


J-School changes stance and allows Daily Texan news boxes

Bobby Blanchard September 6, 2012

After initially not allowing news boxes in front of the Belo Center for New Media, the College of Communication announced Thursday afternoon it was working to add the boxes to the center's site. Daily...

Organization seeks to ‘hook’ students on voting

Bobby Blanchard September 6, 2012

As part of its effort to increase student voter turnout in November, Hook the Vote will deputize volunteers with the ability to register voters for the first time this semester Thursday 6:00 p.m. at the...


News boxes not welcome at new Journalism building

Bobby Blanchard September 6, 2012

As the Belo Center for New Media works to gear students up for the new digital age of journalism, some faculty and students are concerned it is leaving the print age behind. Citing environmental concerns,...

Texas tacks on latest national ranking with Longhorn gear

Bobby Blanchard September 5, 2012

Longhorn fans nationwide are proudly purchasing and wearing Longhorn gear, according to rankings by the Collegiate Licensing Company that put UT-Austin as the top seller of licensed college merchandise...


University promotes its four-year graduation campaign by branding 2016

Bobby Blanchard September 4, 2012

2016 is everywhere. It is on the shirts. It is on the bags UT gave students at orientation. It has become a hash tag on Twitter. It was in UT President William Powers Jr.’s speech at Gone to Texas....


Powers announces professorship to honor UGS dean

Bobby Blanchard August 31, 2012

President William Powers Jr. announced a new professorship Thursday that will support programs and faculty doing innovative work in the field of undergraduate studies. The professorship was made in honor...


Texas to appeal denied voter ID proposal

Bobby Blanchard August 31, 2012

A U.S. District Court shot down a proposed Texas voter ID law that would require citizens to produce government-issued photo identification to vote in the November election, sparking the fury of top Texas...

UT decides against formal investigation into Regnerus’ study, claiming no scientific misconduct committed

Bobby Blanchard August 30, 2012

University officials announced Wednesday they will not conduct a formal investigation into the research methods of a UT professor for scientific misconduct following his study, which claimed children of...


SG President Lund releases first YouTube address

Bobby Blanchard August 29, 2012

With production assistance from Texas Student Television, student body president and vice president Thor Lund and Wills Brown released their first YouTube video address to UT’s student body Tuesday...


PCL extends hours to stay open overnight

Bobby Blanchard August 29, 2012

To provide students with a safe study space late on campus this semester, the Perry-Castañeda Library will operate on a 24-hour basis starting mid-October. After a Student Government initiative,...

Screen shot 2012-08-29 at 12

Students remain on housing waiting list on first day of school

Bobby Blanchard August 29, 2012

It’s been a rough few weeks for Sarah Pastore, who until recently did not know where she would live this fall. The psychology freshman began searching for housing in late July after UT informed her...

UT to update regents on Longhorn Network status

Bobby Blanchard August 22, 2012

UT President William Powers Jr. and Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds will provide a Longhorn Network status update to the Board of Regents at a meeting Thursday, according to an agenda book posted online...

Fall orientation expands along with incoming class

Bobby Blanchard August 21, 2012

  About 400 transfer students will walk on campus Tuesday for fall orientation, and another 1000 freshmen will follow on Wednesday for fall orientation sessions. Students who could not make...

City Council delays vote on group housing ordinance

Bobby Blanchard August 17, 2012

The Austin City Council delayed a vote Thursday on an amendment ordinance that would make it more difficult to build cooperatives or Greek homes in areas near campus. The vote will now take place on September...


Co-op permit process may not be more difficult than anticipated

Bobby Blanchard August 6, 2012

While city officials claim a new policy requiring property owners to seek approval before constructing group housing buildings is a process that would only take a few months, history shows the approval...


UT colleges add seating, prepare for large freshman class

Bobby Blanchard August 6, 2012

Brace yourselves — the freshmen are coming. University officials have spent the summer months preparing for what might be its largest incoming freshman class on record and what could be the second...

University struggles to house larger-than-expected freshman class, recommends off-campus alternatives

Bobby Blanchard July 30, 2012

UT officials are not as confident as they were in June of the University’s ability to handle the large size of the incoming freshman class. One thousand two hundred students who applied for housing...

Revisions will not be made to UT fracking study until independent review completed

Bobby Blanchard July 30, 2012

While the independent review of UT’s fracking study is still ongoing, University officials said they do not intend to update the study with an acknowledgment that geology professor Charles Groat...


Plaintiff sues UT fraternity over responsibility for assault

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis and Bobby Blanchard July 30, 2012

A former freshman is suing UT fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon, claiming she was sexually assaulted after one of the organization’s parties during new student orientation. The plaintiff said she was...


Amendment may limit co-op, greek housing near campus

Bobby Blanchard July 30, 2012

Co-operative and Greek housing has always been an alternative housing choice for college students and residents in Austin, but City Council is considering a new ordinance amendment that will make it difficult...

UT professor Groat’s controversial study to be reviewed

Bobby Blanchard July 25, 2012

The University will hire an outside group of experts to review a UT professor’s now controversial study regarding the effects of fracking, a method used by many companies to extract natural gas,...

Supreme Court to hear Fisher v. UT in October

Bobby Blanchard July 25, 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for Fisher v. University of Texas, a case questioning UT's affirmative action admission policy, on October 10. Brought forth by plaintiff Abigail Fisher,...


Austin City Council proposal may hinder construction of new Greek houses and co-ops

Bobby Blanchard July 24, 2012

Co-op residents are fighting a new proposal that may make it difficult to build new Greek houses or co-op buildings in the area surrounding the UT campus. Proposed by Austin City Council, the Limitation...

Termites will win test of time against UT buildings, paper and trees

Bobby Blanchard July 23, 2012

UT assistant landscaping manager Janet McCreless said she learned there are two types of buildings in Texas: those with termites and those that will get termites. The University of Texas is a sprawling...

Four shot on Sixth Street Sunday morning, UTPD keeps students informed

Bobby Blanchard July 23, 2012

A suspect in a downtown shooting that left four injured may have been spotted on San Jacinto Boulevard early Sunday morning. The University of Texas Police Department alerted the UT community of a person...


UT in the process of joining the Worker Rights Consortium

Bobby Blanchard July 18, 2012

On Wednesday, President William Powers Jr. told The Daily Texan the University will join the Worker Rights Consortium to monitor human rights in the production of UT apparel, an issue students of the Make...


President Barack Obama makes a campaign stop in Austin

Bobby Blanchard July 18, 2012

In his third visit to Austin in as many years, President Barack Obama made two campaign stops to raise money, one at Austin Music Hall and a second at the Four Seasons Residences. At the Austin Music...

Despite much desired rainfall, Austin remains in a drought

Bobby Blanchard July 16, 2012

UT received an average of 2.38 inches of rain this weekend, with 98 percent of recorded rainfall happening Sunday night. Markus Hogue, program coordinator of Irrigation and Water Conservation at the University,...


Lighting renovations will reveal ceiling paintings in Welch Hall

Bobby Blanchard July 16, 2012

On the ceiling of Robert A. Welch Hall’s lecture theater lies decades-old paintings displaying shades of orange, yellow and red. Painted by an unknown artist at the University’s inception,...


Decision to purchase KUT radio station postponed

Bobby Blanchard July 16, 2012

A Wednesday decision by the UT System Board of Regents has left radio station KUT in a temporary intermission, halting KUT’s plans to purchase local station KXBT. The board has not announced when...

Parents asked to pay ransom in abduction scam

Bobby Blanchard July 12, 2012

The University of Texas Police Department is asking parents to disregard suspicious phone calls demanding a ransom for their kidnapped child. The police have received two reports of this happening, both...

UT Chancellor Cigarroa postpones purchase of radio station amid lingering questions

Bobby Blanchard July 11, 2012

Citing lingering questions directed at his office, Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa tabled the approval of KUT’s $6 million purchase of KXBT’s 98.9 at the Board of Regent’s meeting on Wednesday....


Campus to receive more rain, cooler temperatures this week [UPDATE]

Max Bridges and Bobby Blanchard July 10, 2012

Update at 2:00 p.m. - Tuesday evening thunderstorms amounted to an average of about .18 inches of rainfall on campus, saving UT about 313,043 gallons of water. The Tower’s rain gauge recorded .16...

Downed power line leaves West Campus without electricity

Bobby Blanchard July 10, 2012

About 2,500 West Campus residents lost power for two hours after a tree fell on a power line. Austin Energy officials said power has now been restored. Carlos Cordova, an Austin Energy spokesman, said...

Report card shows Texas colleges have some work to do

Bobby Blanchard July 9, 2012

Texas received an average score in student performance and a failing grade in its openness to accept higher education providers in a recent report by the Institute for a Competitive Workforce, a nonprofit...

Congressional use of social media platforms expands

Bobby Blanchard July 9, 2012

Elected officials are among the many who have hopped on the social media bandwagon, utilizing tools like Facebook and Twitter to communicate with their constituents. New research finds that elected officials...


Debate continues over public, private firework displays [UPDATE]

Bobby Blanchard July 2, 2012

Update at 11:10 p.m. - Local fireworks sellers have agreed to not sell "winged fireworks", rockets and missiles due to concerns about fires starting because of dry vegetation. "Winged...

First Hispanic editor-in-chief honored at memorial

Bobby Blanchard July 2, 2012

HOUSTON ­— Friends and family gathered in Houston Saturday night to share memories of Lorena “Lori” Rodriguez, the first Hispanic editor-in-chief of The Daily Texan and former minority...

Suspect identified in dorm attempted sexual assault [UPDATE]

Bobby Blanchard June 25, 2012

Update at 12:30 p.m. - UT spokeswoman Cynthia Posey released a statement saying the suspect in Sunday morning's attempted sexual assault, Ji Hun Choi,  was arrested Monday at the UTPD station....

The Department of Computer Science tweaks curriculum to be more flexible

Bobby Blanchard June 25, 2012

The Department of Computer Science will decrease the number of required classes needed to obtain a degree from the department, a move some faculty hope will allow students to specialize in their interests...


Co-op turns UTexas Memes Facebook page into profitable T-shirts, original creators feel jilted

Bobby Blanchard June 25, 2012

With 18,000 likes and counting, the UTexas Memes Facebook page has not left the spotlight yet. Page creator Daniel Monroy said he thought his Facebook page would have died out by now — but it hasn’t....

Weekend brings two assaults on UT students

Bobby Blanchard June 25, 2012

A security camera caught footage of a suspect in an attempted sexual assault that happened at the entrance of Roberts Hall Dormitory Sunday morning at 1:25 am, UTPD Capt. Julie Gillespie said. The...

El Paso Senator requests consultation procedure for UT Board of Regents after cancelled boxing fight on campus

Bobby Blanchard June 22, 2012

State Senator José Rodríguez, D-El Paso, is looking to work with the Board of Regents and the UT System on establishing a set of procedures that will assure cooperation with local officials...

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