Woman hit by UT shuttle bus at Dean Keeton and Wichita

Jordan Rudner

An unidentified woman was hit with by the mirror of a UT Shuttle Bus as it made a turn at the intersection of Dean Keeton and Wichita streets Friday morning.

The woman, who was hit by a Far West Shuttle Bus as it turned left onto Wichita, was not taken to the hospital, though an Emergency Medical Services vehicle came to the scene of the accident. According to bus driver Brenda Freeman, the woman received scratches on her head and neck.

Freeman, who said she has driven UT shuttle buses for 14 years, said she checked the intersection and honked her horn while making the turn, but the woman did not notice.

“I always blow my horn before I make this turn, and that hand was up for pedestrians to stop,” Freeman said. “I blow my horn, I look, I make sure the intersection is clear — and it was clear. She said she didn’t see me, and I didn’t see her — she was in my blind spot behind the mirror because she was so short.”

Freeman said she was shaken by the incident.

“I’m scared, I was scared to death, just praying she wasn’t hurt” Freeman said. “The officer said ‘you’re not at fault, you had the right of way,’ and she said she wasn’t paying attention — she said, ‘I didn’t see’ — but I honk my horn to make sure people see this bus. I’m just thanking god she wasn’t hurt.”

Mechanical engineering freshman Hammad Afzal, who witnessed the incident, said he heard Freeman honk the horn.

“It was a no-walk sign, people weren’t supposed to be crossing” Afzal said. “The girl didn’t pay attention to that. The bus wasn’t going that fast, but she got hit, and just fell — it looked like she was bleeding a little bit.”

Afzal said seeing a student get clipped by a bus did not make him concerned for his own safety.

“I think people just need to pay more attention,” Afzal said.

UTPD and UT Shuttle Bus officials could not be reached for comment.