Two albums to listen to: A selection of new projects worth giving a listen

Chris Duncan

Cheetah – Aphex Twin

Following his comeback LP Syro, electronic legend Aphex Twin came out with another surprise release last Friday, but took on a new perspective to his regular IDM by stripping down his sound for a minimal experience.

100 BPM is the key here, with each song besides the bonus tracks featuring relatively mid-tempo beats. That isn’t to say the album feels repetitive or lacks a challenge like his other releases – in fact, this EP covers as much, if not more, territory than Syro did with fewer tracks.

Stripped of Aphex Twin’s typically cynical attitude, Cheetah explores a more mellow mindset. Although it might not stand true as the preeminent release in Aphex Twin’s discography, it’s another solid album in his collection.

Tracks to listen to: “CIRKLON3 [Колхозная mix],” “CIRKLON 1,” “2X202-ST5”

Blank Face – ScHoolboy Q

With a huge buff in production value and well-suited features, Blank Face is the LP that ScHoolboy Q fans have been waiting for. The record shows a significant growth in his music – whether that be in instrumentation or lyrics, it’s easy to say now that Q is one of the best members of rap collective Black Hippy and his label TDE.

Trippy and atmospheric beats litter this album, helping provide a backdrop to Q’s 74-minute stroll during a dark night in Los Angeles. And there really isn’t much fat to trim – each song brings with it a confidence unmatched in Q’s debut album Oxymoron. With a feature roster any rap fan would drool at, ScHoolboy Q crafts a love letter to the West Coast and explores the good, the bad and the ugly to create a sort-of concept album that shows his true talents as a performer.

Tracks to listen to: “Groovy Tony/Eddie Kane,” “Ride Out” “Overtime”