College Republicans bring big party values, opportunities to campus

Robert Guerra

Editor's note: This piece is a part of the Daily Texan Forum featuring the campus political organizations involved in Student Government's political debate, moderated by The Daily Texan. The debate will be held on Sept. 28 from 6-8 pm in FAC 21.

College Republicans at Texas is the official collegiate arm of the Republican Party at the University of Texas and has been a student organization at UT Austin since 1950. Our mission is to promote Republican values, policies and candidates on the UT campus. 

To this end, we host bi-weekly meetings, regular social gatherings and numerous speakers throughout the year. In the past, speakers at our meetings have included Congressman Lamar Smith, Kevin Williamson of the National Review and Second Amendment activist Michael Cargill. 

We travel to political conferences and conventions every semester and provide numerous opportunities for our members to get involved in local, state and federal politics. We participate in voter registration drives, phone banking efforts and block walking campaigns. Our alumni work to connect active members with various internship opportunities at all levels.

As Republicans, we are committed to the Constitution. We believe in a culture that respects and protects every life at all times. We support efficient, limited government, the separation of powers and federalism. We believe in the importance of individual liberty, personal responsibility and economic freedom. We assert that public safety and a strong national defense are essential to the prosperity of our nation.  

We support the elimination of the federal deficit, a reduction of the federal debt and the replacement of poorly run government programs with more efficient solutions. We support the creation of businesses that stimulate job growth and promote economic stability. We believe that improving the quality of education in our country is paramount to fueling innovation, making our nation, our industries and our economy stronger.

We pride ourselves in providing a forum where right-leaning students can freely express their views, opinions and beliefs. Whether you identify as a supporter of limited government, a fiscal or social conservative, pro-free markets, pro-life, or pro-liberty, we invite you to join our organization.

Guerra is a finance junior from San Antonio. He is the president of College Republicans.