Students receive CrushGrams for Valentine’s Day

Reagan Ritterbush

Journalism junior Carlos Devora checked his email Tuesday morning to find an invitation to come pick up a sweet treat, or as UT students call it, a CrushGram.

“I got all warm and fuzzy,” Devora said. “I have no idea who likes me, but it made my day.”

Over the past couple of weeks, students were able to send up to 10 messages to their friends and crushes through Campus Events and Entertainment. On Valentine’s Day, recipients received their CrushGrams along with a free Crush soda.

Advertising junior Jessica Hernandez, the vice president for publicity for Campus Events and Entertainment, said this event started five years ago in order to get students to visit the Texas Union after renovations in 2011.

“CrushGrams are actually more of a tradition than a Valentine’s Day celebration,” Hernandez said. “Since the Union was reopening around that holiday though, CrushGrams seemed like a cute way to get more foot traffic.”

Hernandez said more than 2,000 messages are sent every year by students all across campus. She also said CrushGrams are a tradition not necessarily associated with Valentine’s Day, but the timing gives it a unique appeal.

“People are always asking about whether or not we are doing CrushGrams on Valentine’s Day,” Hernandez said. “I think we could do this event anytime during the year but this holiday that focuses on love and giving really adds to the novelty of CrushGrams.”

Devora said CrushGrams are an easy way for college students to do something for the people they care about without having to buy extravagant gifts.

“Most college students are broke,” Devora said. “I know from experience sending CrushGrams that even small gestures can go a long way. It’s the thought that counts and anybody receiving a CrushGrams knows that somebody out there took the time to write them a nice message.”

Speech pathology senior Maria Tran said she was surprised when she was notified that she had received a CrushGram because she had never gotten one before.

“I have never participated in a Valentine’s Day event before,” Tran said. “I suppose gift-giving is some people’s type of love language. This holiday tends to make people show their love in different ways.”