Resolution in Texas House honors life of Haruka Weiser one year after her death

Claire Allbright

A year after the death of theatre and dance freshman Haruka Weiser, the Texas House of Representatives expressed unanimous support for a resolution honoring her life.

Rep. Gina Hinojosa, D-Austin, whose district includes UT, authored the resolution as a sign of remembrance and strength for the community she represents. The resolution, which was adopted Monday, pays tribute to Weiser’s memory and extends condolences to her family and friends.

“The passage of a year’s time has not faded our community’s sorrow and regret for the senseless loss of such a beautiful life,” Hinojosa said. “Haruka Weiser is and will always be the bright faith of our community. That will never change.”

Kimberly Romero, government junior and legislative aide in Hinojosa’s office, said she felt comforted by the resolution and is thankful the Legislature cares about events within their districts. 

“It’s important to me as a student to be reminded that (while) this was an incredibly awful circumstance, we have policy leaders who are tuning in and paving the way to stand up for us and sympathize as well as recognize the issues head on,” Romero said. 

During her presentation of the resolution, Hinojosa specifically recognized Weiser’s parents for their role in helping the UT community heal and encouraged students to take more safety precautions. 

“During times of tragic loss, it’s not uncommon for those affected to succumb to legitimate feelings of anger and fear, but your example of strength and love gave our community the courage to ask the tough questions and find better ways to protect students,” Hinojosa said. “At a time when just bearing your grief was more than anyone should have to endure, you said to us, ‘Walk with me.’ You helped us find our way.” 

Santiago Rosales, Student Government chief of staff, said he is appreciative the Legislature is using the power of government to connect to students. Rosales said since Weiser’s death, SURE Walk, the SG agency that provides volunteer companionship on walks home from campus, has expanded to accommodate a surge in users. 

“Within Student Government, there’s definitely been a push to emphasize campus safety and just a sense of camaraderie amongst students,” said Rosales, a finance and government junior. 

UT President Gregory Fenves expressed gratitude for the House’s resolution dedicated to Weiser. 

“The UT community will always remember Haruka Weiser,” Fenves said in a statement. “She touched the lives of countless people, inspiring us to care for one another.”