Texas Exes offering exclusive discount to 2017 graduates

Reagan Ritterbush

Texas Exes is currently offering 2017 graduates a special rate of $600 for a lifetime membership.

The Texas Exes is the official alumni organization for the University of Texas whose mission includes connecting alumni everywhere with each other and back to the University in meaningful ways.

Laura Coffey, a member of the Texas Exes Membership and Customer Service Department, said the rate for 2017 graduates represents a $400 discount off the regular rate and must be paid in full at the time of purchase.

If a lifetime membership is purchased on the installment plan, Coffey said it will be $700 with a $50 down payment and monthly payments of $25 per month.

“There may be a smaller discount available if 2017 graduates join in the years shortly after 2017,” Coffey said. “But Texas Exes can’t guarantee the amount nor that it will always be offered.”

According to the Texas Exes website, joining the organization would open graduates up to the opportunity to participate in Camp Texas, the Texas Exes Student Leadership Committee, Torchlight Parade, scholarships, commencement events and student opportunity funds.

Geography senior Thomas Geist said this discount will definitely incentivize graduates to take advantage of the discount and join Texas Exes.

“Current graduates are going to want to join an organization that essentially gives them a direct connection to the place they spent at least four years of their life at,” Geist said. “The discount makes this a whole lot easier for those who were considering not joining because of fees.”

Although he wouldn’t be able to use the discount, Francisco Estrella, physics and math sophomore, said he hopes that in the years to come, Texas Exes will do similar discount so he can join.

“I put a lot of value into my connection with UT and I hope to be able to stay engaged with activities and events on campus for years after I leave,” Estrella said. “If Texas Exes can make it easier for me to do this by giving discounts, then I don’t know why I wouldn’t join.”