300: Father and son share ACL experience

Chris Duncan

Although he was born and raised in Austin, Griff Martin never considered coming to ACL until he had a son.

A pastor at the First Baptist Church of Austin and father of two, Martin said that his parish is typically thought of as the “liberal” Baptist congregation.

“There aren't a lot of Baptists like us,” Martin said. “And that's okay. The city plays a big role in that, I think.”

Jude’s first ACL experience kicked off with a trip to Austin Kiddie Limits. He says he likes his new red skull and crossbones temporary tattoo, but eventually took it up another notch with his new green-with-red-dots hairstyle. His father said that wasn't planned, but he loves his new look.

The two said they have similar taste in music, enjoying the DREAMERS performance and looking forward to seeing the Head and the Heart live. Jude specifically loves to dance to every song he hears.

Commenting on his plans for raising both of his children, Martin said that Austin plays a big role in their potential upbringing and who they may become as adults.

“It's a big deal to us, that both our kids grow up in a creative place,” Martin said. “That they experience that arts. And they love it too.”