Students rang in the holiday spirit by making ugly sweaters

Anna Lassmann

Sequins, bows and garlands lined the tables of the Union Presidential Lobby as dozens of students created do-it-yourself ugly sweaters for the holiday season.

The Make It, Take It: Ugly Sweater event was hosted by Campus Events + Entertainment on Wednesday. The event began at 12 p.m. and was supposed to last until 3 p.m., but they ran out of sweaters to decorate within the first 15 minutes.

“(It’s important) for social interaction so students can get together and have a good time with their friends as well as celebrate the holidays,” said Rachita Murthy, chair of recreation for Campus Events + Entertainment.

Murthy, a biology sophomore, said the event involved lots of brainstorming, and they looked at what students would be interested in doing during this time of year.

Chioma Ujari, who is a member of Campus Events + Entertainment, said people were waiting for the event before it even started.

“There’s a lot of people,” said Ujari, a public health senior. “I feel like people are really enjoying themselves.”

The event was created with finals in mind, as a way for students to relax and craft something with their hands, Murthy said.

“I think academic life is so stressful,” Murthy said. “Just to give students a chance to relax and take a break from their heavy academic schedule is really important, and it’s good for self-care.”

Government junior Hannah Reinhard said events like Ugly Sweaters help students feel more included in the University community.

Reinhard came to the University as a transfer student and said Campus Events + Entertainment helped her branch out and meet other students.

“I can say when I first came here I found it quite daunting to find my own little niche of people,” Reinhard said. “This is the third event that I’ve shown up to that (Campus Events + Entertainment) has thrown. It’s a really great opportunity to get to know people.”

As the holiday season draws closer, Reinhard said this event is a great opportunity for people to make sweaters to wear to holiday parties this year.

“I think everyone always has a Christmas sweater party,” Reinhard said. “You always have a holiday party to go to at your work or school organizations. The fact that you get to make something that you’re going to be able to wear proudly is super nice.”