The music building is literally falling apart, and UT students aren’t happy

Jacqueline Briddell

Students at UT Austin use social media to complain about three main things.

1.  Almost getting run over by cyclists on Speedway.





2. The showers in Jester.





3. The ongoing, never-ending, everlasting construction projects.




But there’s one place construction isn’t happening: the music building.


Recently, one UT student tweeted out a photo of broken roof tiles in the music building, hoping to get the attention of the administration, but instead created a movement for a wave of other upset students to voice their concerns as well.


#SaveBSOM addressed a lack of support and funding to refurbish the music building.




“While I understand a lot of money is donated to redo other buildings, the Butler School is in a sad condition,” Sarah Milligan said on Twitter.





Students wrote specifically to university president, Greg Fenves, in hope of getting his attention.






President Fenves has not replied yet.