Why were there trucks shaped like peanuts and hot dogs on campus last week?

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Jacqueline Briddell

There was a peanut-shaped and a hot dog-resembling truck on campus last week and people are really confused.

Why were they at UT? Well, they’re hiring.

Apparently, it’s all part of a recruitment effort. The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile and Planter’s NUTmobile are looking for college graduates to travel across the US in their oddly shaped vehicles for one year to promote their brand. The job description? Being a friendly and outgoing face of their brand, gaining valuable marketing and public relations experience and getting paid to travel across the country in the infamous food mobiles.

People have been freaking out, going on scavenger hunts to find them.

Photographic evidence and live location updates have been shared via Twitter. The sight of the wiener and nut mobiles are so rare, they might even replace the legendary UT albino squirrels.

But don’t get too excited, they’re on to another campus for this week.