More than 4,000 students participate in eighth annual Longhorn Run

Nicole Stuessy

More than 4,000 runners wearing orange and white flooded the streets of campus Saturday morning for the eighth annual Longhorn Run.

The run is a joint effort of the Longhorn Run committee, which is a part of Student Government and UT RecSports, an organization that provides recreational programs to students. Runners who run the 5K pay $30, while runners for the 10K pay $35. All proceeds are then given back to various student organizations across campus.

Director Minh Do said he has been planning this year’s event since last May.

“Longhorn Run is an agency of Student Government and ultimately that’s how it got started,” advertising senior Do said. “The student body president at the time was looking for an initiative to get students active and together.”

This year's race had 5,135 registrants. Do said the event has grown every year as campus grows and more people hear about the event.

“One of the great things about Longhorn Run is that every single year that it has been put on it’s been growing,” Do said. “So it’s been incredible to see how far this event has come since it started from a small student initiative to what it is today.”

Stephen Clark, petroleum engineering freshman, said this was his first time running in an organized race.

“One time after I failed an exam, I ran four miles. But never anything like this,” Clark said. “There’s a certain point you get to when it’s gonna hurt more to stop than keep going, so I just kept going.”

Event committee member Kacey Davidson said there were over 400 volunteers from different student organizations helping with the event.

“(The run) also (has) student organizations that get involved in various capacities from singing to playing instruments to cheer stations and water stations,” said Davidson, public relations senior. “It’s really cool to see various student groups and people from the community come and cheer on the runners.”

Davidson said one of the best parts of the Longhorn Run is seeing the camaraderie of the racers and their passions for running.

“Near and far we have a bunch of people that come together and run for various reasons,” Davidson said. “For a lot of them that have their (personal records) or its their first race, it’s inspiring to see them come together and just run this race and do it with pride.”