Managing editor refuses to order pizza one last time

Catherine Marfin

How could I possibly describe how much the Texan means to me in just 360 words? 

I’ve spent all 13 semesters of college in the Texan office (still not sure if that’s a brag or not). This basement has been my home for the last four and a half years — it’s the place that turned a shy young girl into a confident young professional. It’s where I found my love for reporting and where I’ve made friends I know will last a lifetime. 

To Ellie and Forrest — you two have always been my most trusted friends and biggest supporters. Thank you. 

Shoutout to the 2017 Texan staff (Anusha, Van, Paul, Claire, Cassi … you know who you are)  — the original Texan crew who taught me not to take everything so seriously. 

Alex, thanks for teaching me what “downs” are. Lisa, thanks for laughing at my copy log memes. You two have always had my back and have made my last semester truly wonderful.

Kirsten, thank you for being one of the most loyal and true friends I know. Keshav and Mireya, thank you for being such wholesome people and for making Thursdays my favorite day of the week. And Ross, Andrea and Donnavan — I think we peaked in spring 2019 (karaoke, anyone?). You may not know it, but my friendship with all of you came at a time when I needed it most. I’ll always be thankful for that. 

Kathleen and Gerald — thank you for your support this semester, especially when things got tough. And a special shoutout to Peter, who has guided me through this semester and beyond. Sorry for crying in your office a couple times.

Thank you to everyone else I have laughed with and learned with along the way. Thanks for tolerating my love of birds and Longhorn Band — and for not getting too upset when I didn’t order pizza. 

And finally, to the entire fall 2019 Texan staff — I have had such an incredible time with you this semester. I can’t think of a more rewarding job than serving as your ME. Thank you for all of your hard work — I can’t wait to see what you do in the semesters to come!