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Life and Arts associate editor finally leaves the basement, taking blanket with her

May 8, 2020

In seven semesters working at the Texan, I’ve written 100 stories. Story number 101 is my goodbye to this basement and its paper that have shaped my college experience.  All honesty, I dipped...


Student businesses suffer, move off campus in wake of closures

April 6, 2020

Closures of dormitories and a general lack of students on campus have left student-run businesses with two options: move operations or shutter until the fall.  For business freshman Kachi Akamelu,...


Adam Barton’s ‘The Boy Who Sold The World’ stands as sobering reminder for young entrepreneurs

March 30, 2020

Chronicling the rise of Australian technology entrepreneur Ben Pasternak, director Adam Barton’s “The Boy Who Sold The World” is a sobering look at how the tech industry is raising young people....


‘The Boy Who Sold The World’ director Adam Barton talks work with Ben Pasternak, SXSW cancellation

March 30, 2020

In his 2020 documentary, “The Boy Who Sold The World,” director Adam Barton follows Australian 20-year-old tech entrepreneur Ben Pasternak as he makes and sells viral apps. Barton began working with...

The Outpost courtesy millennium media

Alumnus Paul Merryman talks ‘Outpost’ production, SXSW cancellation

March 26, 2020

Paul Merryman, UT radio-television-film alumnus and producer, was set to premiere his debut feature-length project, “The Outpost,” at South by Southwest this year. With the festival’s cancellation,...


These free resources are available to help students in their transition from classroom to online

March 20, 2020

As courses move from classrooms to chatrooms and students are asked to leave campus, several resources have become available to students. Both local and multinational businesses are offering specials...

Emma courtesy Focus Features

‘Emma.’ is a satirical, visual and casting delight

February 7, 2020

Based on the eponymous novel by Jane Austen and reimagined by the writer-director team Eleanor Catton and Autumn de Wilde, “Emma.” is a delightfully candy-colored satirical exercise in presumption.  The...

new_to_netflix_To all the boys courtesy netflix

‘To All The Boys 2,’ ‘Narcos’: Here’s what’s coming to Netflix in February

February 6, 2020

Netflix is pushing a horde of new releases for the month of February. Whether you’re looking for some comic relief or a new favorite for Valentine’s Day, there’s plenty of offerings rolling...

Sex Education Courtesy Netflix for Netflix Procrastination listicle

You’re already procrastinating — here’s a selection of shows and movies to binge while you avoid your homework

January 29, 2020

One week into the semester and you’re already procrastinating. If you’ve already fallen behind on homework or aren’t quite ready to start that term paper yet, here are some top picks...

Halsey’s ‘Manic’ is for people who don’t like Halsey — and that’s a good thing

January 22, 2020

In her third studio album Manic, alt-pop princess Halsey works through the death, rebirth and growth of her identity as a young woman.  Halsey, whose legal name is Ashley Frangipane, has been open...

Rebelution_Rebelution By Roger Ho for ACL Fest W2 Fest 2019 RH108527_Courtesy of Roger Ho and ACL

Rebelution singer talks cannabis, reggae genre

October 15, 2019

Rebelution singer, guitarist and cannabis advocate Eric Rachmany said he is trying to challenge the way people think about cannabis through education and music. The reggae-inspired artist said he is...


ACL Weekend Two was really all about Childish Gambino, Lizzo

October 15, 2019

The second weekend of the Austin City Limits Music Festival had a frosty start, with temperatures dropping as low as 47 degrees Friday, Oct. 11. Festivalgoers braving the cold arrived in all forms of cold...

Q&A: Austin band Ley Line talks touring via public transportation

October 12, 2019

While touring in Brazil, Austin band Ley Line had their van break down not once, but twice.  They ended up using public transportation to get from one show to another as they traveled between Latin...


Savannah Conley Q&A: ‘There has to be a time where we can do what we want.’

October 11, 2019

Raised by a guitar player and a background singer, Savannah Conley has hopped from genre to genre throughout her journey as a musician.  With two EPs under her belt, the country-pop-folk singer...

Mahalia Q&A_courtesy of Warner Music UK

Mahalia talks inspirations for ‘Love and Compromise,’ honesty, authenticity at ACL

October 11, 2019

Since writing her first song at age eight and signing with a record label at 13, English artist Mahalia has been making music by and for the heart.  Largely focusing on relationships, Mahalia’s...

Goodenough_courtesy Adrienne Lee&university of texas

Goodenough to win: UT professor awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry

October 10, 2019

At 97 years old, John Goodenough is the oldest person to be awarded a Nobel Prize. On Oct. 9, the UT engineering professor, along with Stanley Whittingham of Binghamton University, State University...


Guide to navigating buses, shuttles to ACL Fest

October 4, 2019

As one of the largest annual events held in the city, Austin City Limits Music Festival draws crowds which can make simply navigating to Zilker Park an intimidating experience.  Attracting about...

Apple court Tony Avelar AP photo

Apple iPhone Event 2019: What students need to know

September 13, 2019

Creative and digitally savvy students may be interested in new iPhone and iPad features. On Tuesday, the Apple iPhone Event unveiled a refreshed iPhone and iPadOS which are particularly useful for on-the-go...


5 thrift stores easily accessible by public transit

August 29, 2019

Austin is home to both independent and chain thrift shops that boast thousands of pre-owned options to revamp anyone’s wardrobe. However, for particularly savvy students, there are a few select...


These campus resources can help students relax, mentally and physically

August 28, 2019

Returning to campus after summer can leave students physically and mentally strained. However, there are resources on campus that can help put students at ease. In particular, Gregory Gym and the Counseling...


Of course Taylor Swift’s Lover is good — here’s why

August 26, 2019

As her first foray into music production with a new label, Taylor Swift’s Lover truly captures the mood for 2019 — love. Self-love, love for friends, love for family and love between lovers...


‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ is as polarizing as it is fun for UT students

July 9, 2019

Fans of the cult favorite Harry Potter series were gifted their own augmented reality mobile game on June 21. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite provokes strong reactions from both fans and former fans of the...


What incoming freshmen need to consider about orientation

June 11, 2019

Heading off to college is the subject of Hollywood films, Broadway musicals and even a song or two. This week, however, it’s real life for incoming UT freshmen at their orientation.  For...

The Day Shall Come, Courtesy See-Saw Films

Chris Morris brings dark humor back to the big screen with ‘The Day Shall Come’

March 16, 2019

Based on 100 true stories involving Homeland Security and the FBI, Chris Morris’s “The Day Shall Come,” is an acerbically funny and thrilling satirical follow-up to “Four Lions.” “The...

Knock Down The House, Courtesy Artemis Rising Productions

‘Knock Down The House’ tells Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s story, other’s meteoric success

March 13, 2019

In 2016, after the Presidential election, many were looking for a story of hope and inspiration. Director Rachel Lears found that hope and inspiration in the insurgents who began campaigning for the next...

BETO_Running With Beto, Courtesy Live Action Projects

HBO’s ‘Running With Beto’ is engaging documentary with unique access

March 12, 2019

In the 2018 midterm elections, one Texan gained supreme star power by campaigning in all of the state’s 254 counties and understanding social media. David Modigliani’s “Running with Beto”...

The Highwaymen, courtesy Casey Silver Productions

Woody Harrelson, Kevin Costner make perfect pair in “The Highwaymen”

March 11, 2019

Director John Lee Hancock said “The Highwaymen” was 15 years in the making. It is worth every second. Hancock’s Netflix revival of the 1967 biopic “The Highwaymen” chronicles...


Anna Akana and Lynn Chen manufacture joy in ‘Go Back to China’

March 10, 2019

Emily Ting’s semi-autobiographical film “Go Back to China” is a smart comedy that tackles, with a dry wit, real issues of factory labor in China and the difficulty of finding a job in...


“I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth Vs. Michelle Carter” shows Erin Lee Carr has serious documentary chops

March 10, 2019

Each story has two sides. Director Erin Lee Carr is trying to tell both in “I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth Vs. Michelle Carter.” The HBO documentary follows the trial named, in which...


Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement’s “What We Do In The Shadows” is worth the five-year wait

March 9, 2019

The latest installment of “What We Do In The Shadows” is an FX series, whose pilot premiered at SXSW. The premiering pilot is based on the film of the same name, released in 2014. The mockumentary...

1horror noir_courtesy of Monkeypaw Productions

Jordan Peele further cements himself as a master of horror with ‘Us’

March 9, 2019

“I Got 5 on It” is also a song about how many times people will want to see this movie. Academy Award-winning director Jordan Peele’s second film “Us” is a psychological...

Hulu ‘Fyre Fraud’ documentary demonstrates how easy it is to be scammed on social media

January 23, 2019

A viral photo featuring a pitifully catered cheese sandwich and side salad made the rounds on Twitter in late April of 2017. However, this wasn’t a #cookingfail — this was Fyre Fest. Hulu Original...

fyre fest documentary Courtesy of Netflix

Fyre Fest to fireball: Netflix documentary tackles festival creator’s wire fraud

January 22, 2019

The Fyre Fest debacle of 2017 is one of the most publicized cases of wire fraud in modern history. Marketed by influencers and models, the music festival promised a luxury private island experience with...


Austin Design Week to provide cost effective learning opportunities for students

October 29, 2018

Looking to boost a resumé? How about fill a portfolio? For students, professionals and enthusiasts of design, Austin Design Week provides free workshops and connections to the industry. Austin...


Texas Book Festival 2018: Nonbinary author Sandy Allen talks about featured work

October 23, 2018

The Texas Book Festival in Austin has been connecting readers with authors from all over the country and the world since 1995. From its humble beginnings, the festival has grown to include hundreds of...


5 ways to prevent burning popcorn and getting buildings evacuated

October 18, 2018

Popcorn is a notoriously easy snack to make, but it can pose a certain challenge to some and may trigger a smoke detector or two. On Tuesday, Oct. 16, the UT Tower was evacuated because burnt popcorn set...

Big Mouth Review_ Courtesy Netflix

Season 2 of ‘Big Mouth’ takes humorous approach to childhood mental development

October 9, 2018

Ever wondered what a monster with a permanently flaccid penis for a nose looks like? “Big Mouth” is here to satisfy that curiosity. The latest installment of Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg’s...

Acl_food1005_LaurenIbanez(ACLFoodTruck) copy

Top 5 Austin City Limits food vendors to satisfy your festival munchies

October 5, 2018

Austin City Limits may be known as a showcase of good musicians, but the vendors featured in the festival are some of the best local eateries. Ranging from ice cream and popsicles to two different pizza...

Dunblane_ Courtesy_of_Netflix

‘Lessons From Dunblane: Notes from a School Shooting’ teaches a teary lesson in gun violence

October 3, 2018

As the trauma of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting fades from public memory, the wound is continually reopened and replaced by the latest mass shooting. In the six years since, Vox  reports 1,860...


Netflix welcomes comedy pro with ‘Norm MacDonald Has a Show’

September 26, 2018

In the newest Netflix talk show, original series “Norm MacDonald Has a Show” lacks the extra segments and bands common on most talk shows but is just as entertaining through the power of a...


UT alumni share tips for starting student-run businesses

September 26, 2018

Having recently launched his company in 2016, Ellomix, UT business and cultural studies alumnus Neil Tanner said he used the skills and connections he cultivated on campus to get his business off of the...


Moody College of Communication opens extra section of closed course at students’ urging

September 21, 2018

Radio-television-film senior Rajinee Buquing needed to take the introductory cinematography course before graduating. There was just a small problem — there was only one section of the class. It...

Bojack horseman _courtesy of netflix

BoJack Horseman maintains relevancy with #MeToo and asexuality

September 17, 2018

The legacy of intelligent, socially conscious comedy lives on in the fifth season of Netflix Original “BoJack Horseman.” The beginning of the season finds BoJack (Will Arnett) entering into...

Atypical_courtesy of NETFLIX

‘Atypical’ captures autistic experience but lacks diverse perspectives

September 11, 2018

Picking up where its first season left off, the latest iteration of Netflix Original “Atypical” captures the autistic experience with exceptional clarity . As a person with autism, “Atypical”...

Living through the gap: When scholarships are not enough

September 7, 2018

Christina Lopez, an English and international relations and global studies junior, received a scholarship from the Liberal Arts Honors Program to help cover tuition costs. She will not receive the funds...


Dupes will keep you from being Naked as discontinuation leaves store shelves bare

September 4, 2018

Urban Decay shook the makeup world with the release of their original Naked 12-pan eyeshadow palette in 2010. The product went on to become one of the best selling, most widely known and imitated eyeshadow...


5 simple dorm meals for when you’re too lazy to walk to J2

August 31, 2018

Each year, college students across the nation leave the luxury of home-cooked meals behind and venture into a life of finding sustenance in the cafeteria or dorm microwave. After leaving the nest,...

the innocents_ courtesy

Netflix original ‘The Innocents’ is a not-so-innocent look at love from the edge of a cliff

August 30, 2018

Told in shades of gray under cloudy skies, Netflix original “The Innocents” takes a compelling story to a dark place full of unexpected twists and turns. Upon turning 16, June McDaniel (Sorcha...


How the zodiac signs will handle their first day of classes

August 29, 2018

It is the first day of a new semester, and depending on your birthday, you may be ready to take the day head-on or forego academic pursuits in favor of a good Netflix binge. For a sneak peek into your...


To all the teen films I’ve watched before, you’ve met your match

August 27, 2018

In the digital era, the handwritten letter is a dying breed of communication. However, in the Netflix original movie, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,” the handwritten letter is the...