Forum: SG Debate

Leah Kashar

Monday’s presidential debate is one of the most anticipated political events of year. But, even more anticipated on UT’s campus is our General Election Debate hosted by Student Government on Wednesday, Sept. 28 from 6-8 pm. In FAC 21, representatives from University Democrats and Texas Democratic Party, College Republicans and Texas Republican Party, UT Johnson Weld and Texas Libertarian Party, Green Party and International Socialist Organization, will debate real issues and policy. As opposed to Clinton v. Trump, this debate will focus on tangible policy including foreign policy, the economy and immigration.

Considering Texas is unlikely to have a real impact on the electoral college, it is important for students to attend and be well educated on issues that could actually impact them. The electoral college means the presidency is likely out of our hands, but the policies the future president will implement will directly impact our campus, and for that reason, continuing ignorance is not in the best interest of any single person on this campus. 

Candidates running under these parties’ banners will run for and win office at local level and affect current students’ lives for years to come, starting this November. Understanding what they stand for, and knowing how to interact with them when it matters, will be key to guaranteeing that the future is something we can believe in. We hope that starts now — and we hope you’ll join us as we moderate the debate on Wednesday.

Kashar is an American studies sophomore from Scarsdale, New York. She is a Forum Editor.

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