Horns up, horns down: Sept. 26

Horns up: Pottermore Patronus                        

We had all sorts of important things to keep us busy this week. There are textbooks begging to be read, laundry piled high and ready to be washed and a trip to HEB that needs to be taken. But J.K Rowling decided that this week we’d be spending every moment in our calculus study groups discussing the results of the Pottermore Patronus quiz. Everything else can wait, especially because we don’t have time turners to relive this. If you haven’t been waiting on this for years, you’ve been doing a lot of things wrong. But it’s not too late to turn things around, get sorted into a house and waste countless hours reading all seven books.

Horns down: Mid-semester crisis

Speaking of wasting time, this may very well be the time of the semester when we regret signing up for 17 hours. The we-can-handle-it attitude has shifted towards a we-can-settle aspiration because we each have three exams next week and a five-page paper due Friday, all while our checking accounts have dipped to a measly $15. It’s time to break out those textbooks we haven’t used since we sold our souls to the Co-op to rent them and brew some coffee strong enough to kill small children. If you don’t see us for the next week, don’t freak out. We’re just buried in the PCL learning everything there is to know about quantum mechanics and Calvin Coolidge.

Horns up: Fall is here 

All of you out-of-state kids might not know this, but in late September every year, the insufferable Texas heat drops by about ten degrees and we get enough rain to warrant building an arc. We call this season “fall.” As of last week, It is officially the season of leggings, riding boots and pumpkin spice lattes, even though the trees will probably stay green. We’re ready to break out our favorite jeans and cable knit sweaters, get “2SpoOkY” for Halloween and remember our blessings on Thanksgiving. There’s so much to love about fall, but the best part? We’ll soon get that coveted hour of sleep back after it was taken from our cold dead fingers last spring.