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All content by Mikaela Cannizzo

Abbott signs statewide ban on sanctuary cities into law

Mikaela Cannizzo May 8, 2017

Gov. Greg Abbott removed the cap from his signing pen and placed his signature on the controversial bill that would ban sanctuary cities in Texas, officially making it state law, in a Facebook Live video...


Year in Review

Stabbing On May 1 at 1:46 p.m., the UT Police Department responded to a call about an individual attacking a student with a large, Bowie-style hunting knife in the Speedway Plaza. Two minutes later,...


Students express concerns over confusion surrounding classes, exams during on-campus stabbing

Rajya Atluri and Mikaela Cannizzo May 4, 2017

Minutes after four students were stabbed Monday afternoon on campus, many students still went to class and some took exams in the midst of confusion about the ongoing violence around them.   According...


SG urges importance of mental health

Rajya Atluri and Mikaela Cannizzo May 3, 2017

UT Student Government members, in coordination with the University, are encouraging students to prioritize their health and safety despite concerns about exams and classes following the on-campus stabbing...


House committee considers bills to stop workplace discrimination

Mikaela Cannizzo and Claire Allbright May 2, 2017

Political beliefs, sexual orientation and gender identity and expression could be added to the list of characteristics protected from employment discrimination under bills considered Monday by a Texas...


Bill banning sanctuary cities in Texas passes in House, moves one step closer to becoming law

Mikaela Cannizzo April 28, 2017

Senate Bill 4, which would prevent cities from creating “sanctuary” policies known to protect immigrants who are in the country illegally, passed in the Texas House of Representatives Thursday...


Senate Bill 4 passed by House

Claire Allbright and Mikaela Cannizzo April 27, 2017

Update (4:18 p.m.): The bill that would ban "sanctuary cities" in Texas officially passed in the House by a 94-53 vote along party lines Thursday afternoon. SB 4 will now return...


House approves bill that would overturn Austin’s local ride-hailing ordinance, prompting return of Uber and Lyft

Mikaela Cannizzo April 20, 2017

The Texas House of Representatives approved a bill Wednesday that would invalidate Austin’s local ride-hailing ordinance, a move that could potentially prompt Uber and Lyft to return. House Bill...


Stop misusing Chilean flag emoji, pleads TX representative

Claire Allbright and Mikaela Cannizzo April 19, 2017

A House committee addressed one legislator’s attempt to stop Texans from misrepresenting the state through incorrect emoji usage on social media during a hearing Tuesday.   House Concurrent...


Bill proposes tougher Title IX rules

Claire Allbright and Mikaela Cannizzo April 12, 2017

At a time when several student organizations are working to encourage conversation about sexual violence, some fear a bill passed by the Senate would halt their progress. Senate Bill 576, authored by...

House discusses proposed budget

Claire Allbright and Mikaela Cannizzo April 7, 2017

After 15 hours, the Texas House of Representatives continued their debate over a proposed $218.15 billion budget, which was expected to last until the early hours of Friday morning. Last Tuesday, the...

House approves bill to provide more evidence testing for sexual assault cases

Mikaela Cannizzo April 6, 2017

A bill aimed at ending delayed testing of DNA evidence related to rape and sexual assault cases received tentative approval Wednesday from the Texas House of Representatives.  State Rep. Victoria...

House bill gives mental health equal coverage

Mikaela Cannizzo April 5, 2017

Texans are one step closer to accessing more equal coverage for mental health care and substance abuse following the House of Representative’s approval of House Bill 10, which gives these costs the...

Senate bill decreases university funding

Mikaela Cannizzo March 29, 2017

The Texas Senate unanimously voted on Tuesday to pass the finance committee’s proposed budget, which decreases state funding for many colleges and universities by 6 percent to 10 percent. Senate...

Senate committee passes bill to reduce costs associated with handgun licenses despite budget concerns

Mikaela Cannizzo March 28, 2017

The state’s fees to obtain and renew handgun licenses are among the highest in the country, but a bill passed by the Senate on Monday seeks to reduce these costs. Senate Bill 16, sponsored by...

UT may have to offer more student loan information

Mikaela Cannizzo March 22, 2017

UT would be required to provide students who receive financial aid with information regarding estimates of the amount of student debt they might incur under a bill unanimously passed by the Senate Monday. Senate...

House committee hears bills proposing an increase in Texas minimum wage

Mikaela Cannizzo March 21, 2017

Several bills proposing various plans to raise the minimum wage in Texas were heard by a House of Representatives committee Monday, but members did not vote on any of the bills.  Nineteen states...

Texas Legislature takes action on the first week post bill-filing deadline

Claire Allbright and Mikaela Cannizzo March 20, 2017

On the first week following the bill filing deadline, legislators picked up the pace with the Senate approving 11 bills and the House of Representatives approving six. Conversation in the House focused...


Texas Senate gives initial approval to SB 6, awaits final vote before moving to House

Mikaela Cannizzo March 15, 2017

The highly debated “bathroom bill,” officially known as Senate Bill 6, received a favorable vote of 21-10 on its second reading in the Senate on Tuesday. During a public hearing of the bill...

UT students express opposition to “bathroom bill” passing out of committee

Mikaela Cannizzo and Claire Allbright March 10, 2017

Public testimony during the Senate committee hearing for Senate Bill 6, also known as the “bathroom bill,” lasted approximately 12 hours with 90 percent of public witnesses testifying against...

Texas Legislature expected to speed up after tonight’s bill filing deadline

Mikaela Cannizzo March 10, 2017

After months of bills being added to the pile of legislation senators and representatives intend to consider, the rising number will come to a halt today at 7 p.m. Marking 60 days of session, this...


Highly debated bathroom bill raises concerns about privacy and transgender rights

Mikaela Cannizzo and Claire Allbright March 8, 2017

Update (8:05 a.m.): After approximately 13 hours of public testimony, the committee voted 8-1 in favor of SB 6 at 4:50 a.m Wednesday. The bill will move to the full senate for further deliberation. Original...


Bill proposes additional regulations for college land purchases

Mikaela Cannizzo March 6, 2017

Texas public universities and colleges seeking to purchase land outside of areas surrounding their main campuses could face stricter requirements before proceeding. House Bill 1737 would require...

badbills_courtesy of sticklen

Representative targets bills in weekly Facebook videos

Mikaela Cannizzo March 3, 2017

State Representative Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, is taking a novel approach to derailing legislation he doesn’t like: Once a week, he castigates a bill with a Facebook video series titled “Bad...


Bills addressing Child Protective Services unanimously pass out of their chambers

Claire Allbright and Mikaela Cannizzo March 2, 2017

Two House bills and a Senate bill that would change the way Child Protective Services operates in Texas unanimously passed out of their respective chambers Wednesday afternoon.   House Bill...

Three bills related to calling for a constitutional convention advance in Texas Legislature

Mikaela Cannizzo March 1, 2017

Three bills related to granting states the ability to amend the U.S. Constitution moved one step closer to becoming a reality Tuesday afternoon. Senate Joint Resolution 2 proposes a convention of...


Bill proposes limiting government regulations for ride-hailing services in Austin

Mikaela Cannizzo February 23, 2017

Uber and Lyft might have the opportunity to return to Austin if a bill proposing restrictions on the city’s regulation of transportation network companies passes during this legislative session. Sen....


Austin Senator files legislation with aim to protect victims of sexual assault on campus

Mikaela Cannizzo and Claire Allbright February 22, 2017

Update (1:12 p.m.): The Senate passed SB 970 requiring an accessible sexual assault policy for both public and private universities by a 30-1 vote Tuesday afternoon. While the bill formerly...


Legislators continue debates outside Capitol

Claire Allbright and Mikaela Cannizzo February 17, 2017

Two Democratic and two Republican Texas lawmakers butted heads Thursday night over issues including sanctuary cities, school finance, the Rainy Day Fund and Child Protective Services.  In a panel...


Longhorns and Aggies unite at the Capitol to advocate for affordable education

Mikaela Cannizzo February 16, 2017

Longhorns and Aggies set aside their differences Wednesday to lobby at the Capitol on behalf of their joint goal of sustaining affordable yet excellent higher education in the state. Texas Exes and...

UT students support public schools with hashtag

Mikaela Cannizzo February 13, 2017

Several UT students posted the hashtag #ProudProductOfPublicSchools last week to show support for the Texas public school system, which faces potential changes in funding. The hashtag, which began...

Straus assigns committees in Texas House

Mikaela Cannizzo February 10, 2017

Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives Joe Straus revealed committee assignments for the 85th legislative session Thursday morning. Straus placed each of the 150 House members on one or more...


More than 500 testify at public hearing on sanctuary cities

Mikaela Cannizzo February 3, 2017

Update (11:37 a.m.): Senate Bill 4, addressing a ban on sanctuary cities, will advance in the legislative process. Following 16 hours and hundreds of testimonies, of which the majority opposed the...

McDonald Observatory could be affected by Senate budget cuts

Mikaela Cannizzo February 2, 2017

UT’s McDonald Observatory, which is home to one of the largest telescopes in the world, is at risk of losing a large portion of its funding. As an astronomy hub educating students and training...

Education funding reforms named top priority by Texas Senate Finance Committee

Mikaela Cannizzo January 30, 2017

The Senate Finance Committee called for a complete reconstruction of Texas’public school finance system and higher education reforms during the committee’s first round of meetings last week. Committee...

Tuition reform remains top priority despite low starting budget

Mikaela Cannizzo January 25, 2017

Initiatives to cut costs for college students are a large component of several higher education bills filed this legislative session. In Lt. Gov Dan Patrick’s “2017 Top Legislative Priorities,”...


Rep. Hinojosa files three bills, outlines legislative agenda in press conference Thursday

Mikaela Cannizzo January 20, 2017

State Rep. Gina Hinojosa, D-Austin, whose district includes UT, announced plans to file her first three bills regarding college preparedness, gun safety and property rights Thursday at a press conference.  She...


Texas Legislature deliberates bills

Mikaela Cannizzo January 19, 2017

The Texas State Legislature, which began its 85th session Jan. 10, faces the deliberation of more than 1,700 bills throughout the next five months.   Every other year, Texas legislators in both...

Texas Legislature plans to address important issues during 85th session

Mikaela Cannizzo January 17, 2017

Texas legislators have filed more than 1,600 bills since the 85th session of the Texas Legislature began, spanning topics from gun control and ride-hailing regulations to abortion policies.  Here...


85th Texas Legislature convenes, faces tight budget

Mikaela Cannizzo and Claire Allbright January 11, 2017

After a year and a half hiatus, the Texas Legislature convened Tuesday at noon to officially begin its 85th session. The 140-day session will consist of the Texas House and Senate deliberating the enactment...


SURE Walk remains in high demand

Mikaela Cannizzo May 6, 2016

The number of SURE Walk users has remained high throughout the past month, following a 400 percent increase in requests for the service after the on-campus homicide. Krishan Sachdev, SURE Walk director...


Possible increase in on-campus lighting to be decided by end of summer

Mikaela Cannizzo May 5, 2016

In response to a rise in complaints of inadequate lighting following a homicide on campus last month, University officials may increase the number of lights on campus.  Bob Harkins, associate vice...


Officer-involved shootings continue to increase in Austin, with fifth incident in 2016

Mikaela Cannizzo May 3, 2016

A 29-year-old man was shot and killed by an Austin police officer in a South Austin Randall’s parking lot on April 22. The incident marked 2016’s fifth officer-involved shooting in Austin,...


Reckless driving reports decrease on campus

Mikaela Cannizzo April 28, 2016

Reckless driving offenses in the campus area have decreased slightly since 2013 but remain relatively low when compared with other driving-related violations such as drunken driving, according to data...


Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo reprimanded for response to David Joseph shooting

Mikaela Cannizzo April 27, 2016

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo was reprimanded Tuesday by the Austin Police Association and City Manager Marc Ott for continuing to discuss the officer-involved shooting that occurred Feb. 8.  As...


UTPD and APD officers address safety concerns at on-campus coalition meeting

Mikaela Cannizzo April 26, 2016

The UT Police Department addressed safety concerns in collaboration with the Austin Police Department, Campus Safety & Security and other community agencies at a town hall meeting on campus Monday...

ONLINE criminal trespassing graphic

On-campus criminal trespassing rates see continuous increase in past several years

Mikaela Cannizzo April 25, 2016

Criminal trespassing rates on University grounds have been on the rise throughout the past several years. According to statistics from the University of Texas Police Department, warning citations for...


Texas Department of Public Safety assesses campus security

Mikaela Cannizzo April 22, 2016

The Texas Department of Public Safety is conducting a comprehensive review of security measures on the UT campus at the request of President Gregory Fenves. The evaluation has already started and is...


APD addresses concerns about homeless population in West Campus and on Guadalupe Street

Mikaela Cannizzo April 21, 2016

Despite increased requests to relocate the homeless population in West Campus after dance freshman Haruka Weiser’s death, police have no specific policies to address the group in this area. Homeless...

call boxes_elizabeth_jones

Students seek to add more call boxes to campus

Mikaela Cannizzo April 19, 2016

Petitions written by UT students asking for an increase in on-campus emergency call boxes — blue-light telephones that automatically call the police — have circulated online following an on-campus...


Increase in parking permits yield less citations

Mikaela Cannizzo April 15, 2016

The number of parking citations issued on campus has decreased over the past several years simply because less drivers have failed to display permits, according to Bobby Stone, director of Parking and...


Services aim to prevent students from walking alone at night

Mikaela Cannizzo April 14, 2016

Student-led initiatives encouraging walking with others at night gained more interest last week following a homicide on campus. SURE Walk, a Student Government agency, provides two student volunteers...


UTPD undergoes fourth accreditation assessment

Mikaela Cannizzo April 12, 2016

The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, an international authority that provides standards for law enforcement, is assessing the UT police department’s policies and operations this...


Suspect arrested, charged with murder in connection to Waller Creek homicide

Mikaela Cannizzo and Caleb Wong April 11, 2016

Police arrested suspect Meechaiel Criner in connection with the death of dance freshman Haruka Weiser on Thursday afternoon and formally filed murder charges on Friday.  According to an arrest...


APD formally files murder charges against suspect Meechaiel Criner

Mikaela Cannizzo and Caleb Wong April 8, 2016

The Austin Police Department has formally filed charges of murder against suspect Meechaiel Criner, who is believed to be connected to the death of dance freshman Haruka Weiser. On Tuesday morning,...


APD arrests suspect in connection to homicide victim’s death

Mikaela Cannizzo and Caleb Wong April 8, 2016

Update (3:00 p.m.): UT President Gregory Fenves sent a statement Friday afternoon from Haruka Weiser’s family in an email to the UT community: “We remain steadfast in our desire to honor...


APD seeks suspect after Waller Creek homicide victim identified

Caleb Wong and Mikaela Cannizzo April 8, 2016

To read about the community gathering held Thursday evening in honor of Haruka Weiser, click here. The Austin Police Department is seeking help from the UT community and the general public to help identify...


Homicide victim identified as theatre and dance freshman

Mikaela Cannizzo and Caleb Wong April 7, 2016

For a recap of all of Thursday's updates, click here. To read about the community gathering held Thursday evening in honor of Haruka Weiser, click here.  Update (5:15 p.m.): A recap...


New UTPD detective to contribute to University’s efforts to combat sexual assault

Mikaela Cannizzo April 7, 2016

The University of Texas Police Department is increasing the size of its force and adding new positions to the department, including a sexual assault detective in the investigations unit. UTPD Lt. Charles...


UTPD responds to possible homicide in Waller Creek

Mikaela Cannizzo and Caleb Wong April 6, 2016

Update (12:45 p.m.): According to an email sent to the University by Fenves on Wednesday morning, the law enforcement agencies working on the investigation have finished processing the crime scene. "[The...


UTPD, UHS respond to underage drinking

Mikaela Cannizzo March 31, 2016

Underage drinking has historically been a problem on college campuses according to national data, but it is not an overwhelming problem at UT as a whole, although some individual instances are severe,...


UT students in racially motivated assault appeal University disciplinary process

Mikaela Cannizzo and Cassandra Jaramillo March 29, 2016

Cody Young felt the University wasn’t taking immediate disciplinary actions after being a victim of a racially motivated attack in West Campus. But privacy laws have left Young in the dark on...


More bike racks might help prevent illegal bike parking on campus

Mikaela Cannizzo March 29, 2016

More bike racks will be added to campus following the completion of multiple construction projects including the Dell Medical School and the new mall on Speedway Avenue, said Jeremy Hernandez, bike coordinator...


Recommendations could alter police use-of-force policies nationwide

Mikaela Cannizzo March 25, 2016

New recommendations about police use of force could potentially change the way officers across the nation respond to violent situations, according to a recently published report by the Police Executive...


APD looks for suspects in rock-throwing incidents along I-35

Mikaela Cannizzo March 23, 2016

The Greater Austin Crime Commission is offering a reward of $10,000 to anyone who can provide information about potential suspects in repeated instances of rocks being thrown at vehicles along Interstate...


Increased police presence attempts to counteract high crime rates during SXSW

Mikaela Cannizzo March 21, 2016

South By Southwest draws a huge influx of people to Austin each year, but the Austin Police Department also sees an increase in crime during this week of interactive, film and music events. According...


UT responds to use of counterfeit money

Mikaela Cannizzo March 11, 2016

A UT staff member reported a counterfeit $20 bill to the UT police department while reviewing the cash register in the Jester Academic Center on March 2.  UTPD officer William Pieper said two or...


APD introduces new app with instant messaging feature to communicate with officers

Mikaela Cannizzo March 9, 2016

A new app for the Austin Police Department now allows community members to interact with police and provide anonymous tips in non-emergency situations like theft, drug use and suspicious activity. APD...


After increase in burglaries near campus, Dobie management warns students to be more diligent about locking doors

Mikaela Cannizzo March 8, 2016

Four burglaries occurred on Feb. 26 at Dobie Twenty21, a private dorm near campus, according to the Austin Police Department. Shortly after these burglaries were reported, Dobie management sent...


University encourages students to network on campus to avoid extremism

Mikaela Cannizzo March 4, 2016

Groups of violent extremists attempt to recruit teenagers and young adults who show signs of vulnerability, according to an interactive FBI website shared by the University of Texas Police Department on...


UTPD warns against performing skating tricks on campus

Mikaela Cannizzo March 3, 2016

Skating to class is a popular form of transportation among students, but recent UTPD reports of criminal mischief involving skateboards warn students to only use their boards in permitted contexts.  While...


Fischer loses House District 49 race to Hinojosa Tuesday night

Mikaela Cannizzo March 2, 2016

Huey Rey Fischer, a self-identified progressive Democrat and candidate for state representative, lost the House District 49 race to Gina Hinojosa on Tuesday night. Fischer, a UT alumnus who promoted...


Self-defense classes offered on campus this week help empower women

Mikaela Cannizzo March 1, 2016

Students gathered at The University of Texas Police Department on Monday evening for the first class of a three-day course aimed at teaching women self-defense techniques and risk-reduction strategies.   The...


Two men arrested in connection with racially motivated attack in West Campus

Mikaela Cannizzo February 29, 2016

Police arrested two Caucasian men for allegedly throwing bottles and yelling racial slurs at a black UT student between Leon and West 25th Streets. According to an arrest affidavit, the victim called...


Vehicle-pedestrian collisions increase in Austin

Mikaela Cannizzo February 26, 2016

Incidents involving pedestrians being hit by cars on the streets of Austin have increased within the past few years, according to the Austin Police Department. Operations Lt. Blake Johnson with the...


Disregarding stop signs, other violations likely to result in citations for bikers

Mikaela Cannizzo February 24, 2016

Disregarding stop signs is the most common bike violation on campus and results in the most citations for biking incidents per year, according to UTPD.  According to bicycle citations records,...


Students file lawsuit against university for gender based descrimination

Mikaela Cannizzo February 19, 2016

Two men, one recent UT graduate and a current student, have filed a lawsuit against the University after accusations of sexual assault, which they believe are unjustly based on their gender. Latoya...


Fenves releases campus carry rules

Caleb Wong and Mikaela Cannizzo February 18, 2016

UT President Gregory Fenves notified the University of his decision regarding the policies for campus carry legislation via email Wednesday morning. After communicating with the campus carry working...


Fenves releases decision on Campus Carry

Mikaela Cannizzo February 17, 2016

President Gregory Fenves notified the University of his decision regarding the policies for campus carry legislation via email Wednesday morning. After communicating with the Campus Carry Working Group...


UTPD addresses frequency of iPhone theft

Mikaela Cannizzo February 17, 2016

A sense of security on campus along with convenience may encourage students to leave their belongings unattended, but UTPD officer William Pieper said theft on campus is a reality students should be prepared...


Homeless population contributes to increase in West Campus K2-related arrests

Mikaela Cannizzo February 16, 2016

An increase in incidents involving K2, an illegal drug also referred to as synthetic marijuana, has resulted in more West Campus arrests within the past few weeks, according to the University of Texas...

APD Press Conference 021116Angel_Polansky

Austin community reflects on police brutality after David Joseph shooting

Mikaela Cannizzo February 15, 2016

The national conversation surrounding police brutality and racism continued last week when a black officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in North Austin. In response to the shooting,...


Scammers posing as University financial aid employees pose potential threat to students

Mikaela Cannizzo February 15, 2016

The University of Texas Police Department confirmed a new scam intended to affect UT students in a public report Friday morning. According to the report, the scam involves a call from someone claiming...

APD Press Conference 021116Angel_Polansky

APD, social activists hold press conference following David Joseph’s death

Mikaela Cannizzo February 12, 2016

Local activists joined with Austin police Chief Art Acevedo Thursday afternoon to reflect on the relationship between the city and its law enforcement agencies in the midst of nationwide discussions about...


Public directory information makes students more susceptible to potential scammers

Mikaela Cannizzo February 8, 2016

Personal information available through the University’s online directory makes UT students prime targets for scam artists, according to UTPD police officers.  UTPD officer William Pieper...


First case of Zika confirmed in Austin, disease continues to spread in U.S.

Mikaela Cannizzo February 5, 2016

The Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department confirmed Austin’s first case of Zika virus Thursday evening. According to the department’s website, a man under the age of...


Zika virus prompts travel safety precautions

Mikaela Cannizzo February 4, 2016

Students considering a spring break trip to Mexico or the Caribbean are advised to take safety precautions against the Zika virus, a relatively new disease spread through mosquito bites. While no cases...


Speedway construction will lead to new mall area on campus

Mikaela Cannizzo February 2, 2016

Construction on Speedway, which began in October, is part of the University’s 2012 Campus Master Plan and will introduce a mall area on the east side of campus. The Speedway Mall Project aims...


Stun guns and Tasers not prohibited on campus, but remain banned in residence halls

Mikaela Cannizzo January 29, 2016

Campus carry will allow licensed handgun owners to bring concealed handguns on campus starting Aug. 1, but students can also freely carry other types of weapons, such as stun guns or Tasers, around campus...


Lack of police officers delays response times, forces more overtime shifts

Mikaela Cannizzo January 29, 2016

Austin police officers often delay action when responding to low-priority crimes around the city, such as petty theft, due to a lack of officers. Currently, the department is understaffed with at least...


Cite and release policy in Austin to soon be enacted in other Texas counties

Mikaela Cannizzo January 28, 2016

Some Texas counties are exploring the option of issuing tickets and scheduling court appearances instead of arresting for marijuana possession. The Texas legislature passed a “cite and release”...


SURE Walk to add technology-based features to service

Mikaela Cannizzo January 26, 2016

SURE Walk, a service that provides students with a companion for late-night walks home, is finalizing plans to create a more comfortable atmosphere on campus by integrating technology-based efforts into...


Victims of SXSW incident file lawsuit

Mikaela Cannizzo January 25, 2016

Nearly two years after the South By Southwest incident, in which Rashad Owens killed four people and injured dozens while driving over the speed limit near the intersection of East 10th and Red River streets,...


Moody Bridge to be accessible Feb. 26

Mikaela Cannizzo January 21, 2016

The Moody Bridge will soon be complete after months of construction come to a close. Laurie Lentz, communications manager for University operations, said the 10-foot wide and 300-foot long bridge connecting...


Kins Coffee opening caters to students on north side of campus

Mikaela Cannizzo January 20, 2016

Hundreds of students flocked to Kins Coffee, a new, on-campus coffee shop located inside Kinsolving Hall, on its first day of classes for the spring semester. Kins Coffee officially opened Tuesday morning...


Hoverboard use not allowed in residence halls, according to DHFS

Mikaela Cannizzo January 19, 2016

The Division of Housing and Food Service has prohibited the use of hoverboards in residence halls and dining facilities, according to director of residence life Mylon Kirksy. The 2015-2016 DHFS Residence...


Crime continues while students enjoy winter break

Mikaela Cannizzo January 19, 2016

Although most students were not on campus over winter break, UTPD reported at least one instance of crime each day. According to Campus Watch reports, UTPD recorded 125 crimes between the end of finals...


Security expert gives overview of efforts in Middle East

Mikaela Cannizzo December 4, 2015

According to national security expert Colin Kahl, previous attempts by both the Bush and Obama administrations to influence regime changes and send ground troops into the Middle East have been unsuccessful. Kahl,...


Spoken word poet retells life stories in performance

Mikaela Cannizzo December 3, 2015

Sarah Kay, a poet who appeared on a TED talk at the 2011 conference and performed on HBO’s “Def Poetry Jam,” presented a montage of her poems for students on campus Wednesday night. Event...


Study abroad policies unaffected by world attacks

Mikaela Cannizzo November 25, 2015

No major changes to the study abroad department are being recommended at this time in light of attacks executed by the Islamic State in Paris on Nov. 13, according to Jess Miller, UT international risk...

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