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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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UT researchers solve 400-year mystery of debated authorship using new psychological-language analysis

Kevin Dural November 30, 2018

No researcher could say for certain whether 17-century playwright Aphra Behn wrote five plays considered to be scandalous and revolutionary for women at that time. The authorship of “The Woman Turned...


Gendered messages affect child development, future outcomes

Annie L. Zhang November 29, 2018

Children receive gendered messages even before they are born, a phenomenon that affects their development in childhood and their future. Amber Kreischer, an assistant professor of practice in the Department...


Podcast ‘STEM Fatale’ showcases STEMtastic women in history

Tien Nguyen November 28, 2018

You’ve heard of Albert Einstein. You’ve heard of Stephen Hawking. But have you heard of Eugenie Clark or Sally Ride? While these female scientists may not be household names, Emlyn Resetarits...

Researcher receives award for contributions to carbon mitigation technology

Annie L. Zhang November 28, 2018

UT senior research scientist Susan Hovorka was awarded the Greenman Award for her research on greenhouse mitigation technologies during the annual Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies conference last month. Hovorka,...


UT Yoga program designed for students in recovery

Lauren Schneider November 27, 2018

Students recovering from an addiction or struggling with mental health can find peace of mind and community by attending yoga at the Center for Students in Recovery. Through this weekly Yoga for Recovery...


DNA barcoding technology could improve disease treatments

Samagra Jain November 27, 2018

A UT professor is using DNA barcoding technology to catalog millions of immune system threats to more easily create new treatments for diseases in the near future.    The research group of...


FDA approves novel flu medication produced from UT research

Samagra Jain November 20, 2018

A new prescription flu drug, Xofluza, created with research done 40 years ago by Robert Krug, professor emeritus of molecular biosciences, was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration and...


Pregame meals for athletes should be adaptable, full of protein and fluids, experts say

Rahi Dakwala November 20, 2018

While it’s called a pregame meal, athletes shouldn’t pregame for games like people do for parties. Keli Hawthorne, director of clinical research in the Department of Pediatrics at Dell Medical...

Experts discuss the implications of global health volunteer programs

Annie L. Zhang November 19, 2018

Almost a third of all graduating medical students in the U.S. have participated in a global health volunteer experience, and while most of the students reported that they were positive, many evaluations...

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UT experts find over half of fracking wells associated with earthquakes in Oklahoma

Sunny Kim November 16, 2018

UT research revealed that excess water produced from hydraulic fracturing, a method used to extract natural resources such as oil by injecting pressurized liquid into rocks, can disrupt pressure levels...


Lasers may boost memory, help treat anxiety

Mina Kim November 16, 2018

Seeing a therapist for anxiety may soon include seeing a laser as well. Eric Zaizar, graduate student in clinical psychology, and Michael Telch, psychology professor and principal investigator of the project,...


To drink or not to drink: Study finds parents influence likelihood of making pour decisions

Isabella Anderson November 16, 2018

Alcohol plays a pivotal role in most high school and college experiences, and whether or not you partake, new research shows your decisions are strongly influenced by your parents. According to a joint...