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Dancing journalism professor leaves to the beat of the music after 10 years

Cassandra Jaramillo May 6, 2016

In the middle of her interview, Wanda Garner Cash almost changed her mind about retiring. But after 10 years at the UT School of Journalism as associate director and professor, the press freedom advocate...


Broadcaster finds love in print

Cassandra Jaramillo May 6, 2016

Editor’s note: A 30 column is a chance for departing permanent staff to say farewell and reflect on their time spent in The Daily Texan’s basement office. The term comes from the old typesetting...


SG pushes for longer bus hours, shuttle service

Cassandra Jaramillo May 5, 2016

Heightened concerns over campus safety have led Student Government to pass a resolution for late-night transportation services last week. Resolution AR 4 aims to extend bus hours for certain routes...


Division of Housing and Food Service develops allergen-free buffet

Cassandra Jaramillo May 2, 2016

Food allergies affect millions of Americans — and on a campus with more than 50,000 students, the dining options for those with food allergies were previously limited at UT. Since 2012, the University...


Unafraid: Pilot program to offer undocumented students resources

Cassandra Jaramillo April 28, 2016

Jose Granados had been kicked out of his home after his parents found out he was gay. Not only was he homeless, but he was undocumented, making it hard to find a job to sustain himself. “That...


Family, friends pay tribute to Haruka Weiser

Cassandra Jaramillo April 25, 2016

BEAVERTON, Oregon ­­­– As the Austin and Portland communities continue to mourn Haruka Weiser’s death, her funeral service on Saturday morning asked the crowd to remember the way...


UT, Beaverton communities come together to raise funds in Haruka Weiser’s honor

Cassandra Jaramillo and Zach Lyons April 25, 2016

Following the tragic death of dance freshman Haruka Weiser on campus earlier this month, organizations from both UT and her high school alma mater in Oregon are raising funds to honor her life. Before...


Supreme Court case is personal for UT immigrants and advocates

Cassandra Jaramillo April 22, 2016

Chemistry senior Andrea Soto was 10 years old when she came to the United States for the first time. Growing violence in Mexico and a lack of academic opportunities drew the Soto family to the...

2016-04-21_Suspension_Protest _Joshua

Students protest in reaction to Cody Young case

Cassandra Jaramillo April 21, 2016

About two dozen protesters marched down Dean Keeton and Guadalupe Streets on Wednesday in reaction to what they felt was a light punishment for a racially motivated attack in West Campus. Mathematics...


Students, alumni concerned over Supreme Court Clinic suspension

Cassandra Jaramillo April 19, 2016

The University’s Supreme Court Clinic has offered law students experience with drafting briefs and researching arguments used in front of the highest court of the country since fall 2006, but for...


Cody Young case prompts policy review

Cassandra Jaramillo April 15, 2016

The University wants to re-examine and change its policies on releasing student information about the punishment of students who have committed criminal acts, President Gregory Fenves said Thursday. Until...


Fenves makes statement on racially motivated assault

Cassandra Jaramillo April 14, 2016

President Gregory Fenves said in an email Thursday the University suspended the student who was charged by police in connection to a racially-motivated attack in West Campus. “I write today to...


Students in prayer vigil ask for comfort for UT community

Cassandra Jaramillo April 14, 2016

Singing songs of worship and lighting candles in the form of the word “love,” students from Christian ministries on campus led a prayer vigil asking for strength and comfort for the UT community. “You’re...


Thousands gather to honor Haruka Weiser

Cassandra Jaramillo April 8, 2016

The theatre and dance department is a small community at UT, accepting very few students a year to its program.  But following the loss of one talented dancer, more than than 2,000 members of the...

LHR court Longhorn run

Longhorn Run participation increases

Cassandra Jaramillo April 8, 2016

Participation in the Longhorn Run has increased 65 percent since 2012, and its sixth annual race this Saturday is on track to host over 4,000 runners. Since its inception in 2010, the Longhorn...


As homicide investigation continues, students and parents raise concerns over lack of information

Cassandra Jaramillo and Caleb Wong April 7, 2016

UT will provide increased safety measures for students as the homicide investigation on campus continues. In addition to extra officers and police vehicles patrolling campus, the University will provide...


UTPD investigating possible homicide on campus

Caleb Wong and Cassandra Jaramillo April 5, 2016

To read our full recap of the day's coverage of this investigation, click here. Update (5:40 p.m.): UTPD Captain Don Verett said at a press conference that the investigation is ongoing and UTPD...


RoundUp raises nearly $100,000 for charities

Cassandra Jaramillo April 4, 2016

New fundraising efforts by UT Interfraternity Council (IFC) and University Panhellenic Council (UPC) for the 86th annual RoundUp weekend attracted more than 15,000 people and raised nearly $100,000 for...


University moves to expedite disciplinary policy in cases of violence

Cassandra Jaramillo April 1, 2016

President Gregory Fenves announced Wednesday that the University plans to update its institutional disciplinary rules to expedite investigations into cases of violence. Fenves issued a statement...


UT President moves to update institutional rules

Cassandra Jaramillo March 31, 2016

President Greg Fenves announced Wednesday the University plans to update its institutional disciplinary rules. The announcement comes after a West Campus racially motivated attack on Feb. 20 that is currently...

ONLINE c-lot

12 times as many C lot permits sold for spaces available

Cassandra Jaramillo March 31, 2016

The University has maintained strong sales of C lot permits despite a decrease in the number of spaces available, according to Parking and Transportation Services annual reports over the last four...


UT students in racially motivated assault appeal University disciplinary process

Mikaela Cannizzo and Cassandra Jaramillo March 29, 2016

Cody Young felt the University wasn’t taking immediate disciplinary actions after being a victim of a racially motivated attack in West Campus. But privacy laws have left Young in the dark on...


Graduating petroleum engineering seniors face obstacles amid oil slump

Cassandra Jaramillo March 24, 2016

When they entered college, many UT petroleum engineering students believed they’d graduate with job offers of nearly six-figure salaries — but as the oil market crashed, employment opportunities...


Questions surround legislation by SG candidates

Cassandra Jaramillo and Rachel Lew March 23, 2016

Candidates in the executive alliance race participated in passing several legislative resolutions for Student Government over the past year, but few have been fully implemented.  Of the 18 pieces...


Irrigation technology helps University save water

Cassandra Jaramillo March 21, 2016

Heavy rains before spring break filled up the four cisterns behind the Belo Center of New Media, which were nearly empty two weeks ago. Now, the four tanks that hold 7,000 gallons each are full and ready...


Public speaking center pilot program opens in PCL

Cassandra Jaramillo March 10, 2016

One of the most common fears is glossophobia, better known as the fear of public speaking. To help students struggling with speech anxiety, the University recently launched a pilot program.  The...


Despite low GSA voter turnout, Brown-Cicero ready to add excitement to graduate student body

Cassandra Jaramillo March 8, 2016

Wills Brown and Francesca Cicero said they are excited to be the newly elected president and vice president of the Graduate Student Assembly on Monday but feel that too many students are uninformed on...


Board upholds Bhandari-Scott disqualification, strongly recommends updated election code rules, committee director resigns

Cassandra Jaramillo March 7, 2016

After a nearly four-hour process, the Election Oversight Board, which is the appellate court in the Graduate Student Assembly, unanimously disqualified Sahil Bhandari and Michael Scott from the GSA elections...


Cain & Abel’s changes marquee message after backlash

Cassandra Jaramillo March 4, 2016

West Campus bar Cain & Abel’s received backlash Thursday because of a phrase on its outdoor marquee board referencing one of its alcoholic beverages that read “Texas Teas are your wingman.” People...


Shared housing startup launches in Austin

Cassandra Jaramillo March 3, 2016

College students looking for roommates and subleases typically search through Craigslist and Facebook advertisements, but a startup called Roomi, available in Austin as of March, is trying to streamline...


Graduate Student Assembly election results withheld until at least Friday, if not longer

Cassandra Jaramillo March 3, 2016

Although some campus-wide election results will be announced on Thursday, results for the Graduate Student Assembly will be embargoed until the appeals process is complete by the Sahil Bhandari and Michael...


Election Supervisory Board disqualifies Bhandari-Scott campaign from GSA election

Cassandra Jaramillo March 2, 2016

The University Election Supervisory Board (ESB), which supervises all campus-wide elections, ruled to disqualify Sahil Bhandari and Michael Scott from the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) election...


Future of indoor archery facility on campus remains uncertain

Cassandra Jaramillo March 1, 2016

The UT archery club had always heard rumors Anna Hiss Gym would close down, but when the news finally arrived last spring, team members didn’t expect the obstacles its closure would bring. For...


Cook-Boisjoli campaign uses combined GSA experience

Cassandra Jaramillo February 25, 2016

Architecture graduate student Warner Cook and music theory graduate student Ellie Boisjoli became friends thanks to the Graduate Student Assembly.  The two women running for GSA president and vice...


Brown-Cicero campaign aims to make UT more grad-friendly campus

Cassandra Jaramillo February 25, 2016

Wills Brown and Francesca Cicero met while at Vanderbilt for an interview last year and reconnected months later as UT graduate students. Now the duo is running for Graduate Student Assembly president...


Bhandari-Scott campaigning for the unheard voices

Cassandra Jaramillo February 25, 2016

Sahil Bhandari and Michael Scott compare their campaign’s passion to the likes of Bernie Sanders. Bhandari, chemical engineering graduate student, and Scott, educational administration graduate...


SG candidate files complaint about complaint

Cassandra Jaramillo February 23, 2016

The Election Supervisory Board received a complaint on Monday from a Student Government representative candidate, David Maly, who claimed that Alexander Chase, associate editor at The Daily Texan, maliciously...


Competitive Graduate Student Assembly election hopes to bring higher turnout

Cassandra Jaramillo February 23, 2016

Last year, only one executive alliance ran in the Graduate Student Assembly presidential election, but this year three are vying for the position.  Voter turnout in last year’s GSA election...


UT shuttles expected to see detours through at least April 12

Cassandra Jaramillo February 22, 2016

Construction along 21st Street and Speedway has affected three UT shuttle routes, causing detours which officials say are expected to continue through at least April 12.  Architecture sophomore...


Panda Express coming to the Texas Union

Cassandra Jaramillo February 18, 2016

Students looking to eat on campus will soon have an additional choice for meals, as the University is planning to bring Chinese fast food restaurant Panda Express to the Texas Union. Food services company...


University to investigate more specific regulations for protecting trees within construction sites

Cassandra Jaramillo February 17, 2016

Stress on trees around campus may not be obvious as construction projects continue, but it has become a concern. The University, which has been recognized for its care of its sustainable ecosystem,...


Texas Union Underground to see an increase in rates

Cassandra Jaramillo February 11, 2016

UT students will pay 25 cents more for bowling at the Texas Union Underground if the University approves a rate increase later this month.  The University Unions board met Jan. 29 and with a unanimous...

2016-02-04_Trees_Arbor Day_Mulch_Briana

Tree sustainability efforts earns recognition for eighth-consecutive year

Cassandra Jaramillo February 4, 2016

Three months after putting mulch around exposed tree roots, a barefoot Jason Pattman observed the new topsoil that has nourished the trees on the East Mall. Such efforts to sustain the tree ecosystem...


Study: Depression symptoms prevalent among Division I athletes

Cassandra Jaramillo February 2, 2016

About one in four Division I athletes report signs of depression, according to a new study of nearly 500 athletes by the British Journal of Sports Medicine.  Researchers collected data on...

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